Southern Outpost

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Southern Outpost
Origin Sydney, NSW, Australia
Genres Electro music
Years active 10
Labels Southern Outpost
Members The Sentinel, Agent Patrick, shapeShiftr, Miss Memory, kloc, G.I.V., DJ K1, DJ Godfather, Dcast Dynamics, Scape One, dynArec, bvdub

Southern Outpost is an independent electronic Record label that was started in Sydney, Australia, in 1998 but is now based in San Francisco, United States.

The labels main musical focus is the genre of electro music, having released music from such artists as DJ K1 (from Aux 88), DJ Godfather, Scape One, Dcast Dynamics, dynArec among others.


Cat # Artist Title
SO-001 Southern Outpost Setting The Agenda
SO-002 Southern Outpost Boogie Down 313
SO-002.5 Various Boogie Down Detroit Remixes
SO-004 ShapeShifter/The Sentinel +612
SO-005 DJ-K1 From Detroit To The Outback
SO-006 Shadow People Secret Society
SO-008 Southern Outpost Source Code
SO-009 The Sentinel/Miss Memory Electric Shock
SO-010 The Sentinel Trust No One
SO-011 dynArec Yellow Trigger
SO-012 Scape One Unstablebeatprotoncharacteristics
SO-014 Dcast Dynamics Trans-Migration EP
SOSP-001 Bvdub Monuments To Oblivion (cassette)
SOSP-001.5 Bvdub Monuments To Oblivion (12")

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