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Split Second Velocity EU Cover.jpg
European box art
Developer(s) Black Rock Studio
Sumo Digital (PSP)
Publisher(s) Disney Interactive Studios
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Java Platform, Micro Edition
PlayStation Portable
  • JP: September 9, 2010 (PS3 version only)
PlayStation Portable
  • NA: November 17, 2010
  • EU: November 19, 2010
  • JP: April 28, 2011
Genre(s) Racing
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

Split/Second, released in Europe as Split/Second: Velocity, is an arcade racing video game developed by Black Rock Studio and published by Disney Interactive Studios for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Revealed in March 2009, the game was released in May 2010[1] and was later released for OnLive in June 2011.[2] In the game, players take part in a fictional reality television show, consisting of a variety of events, each focusing on destructible environments triggered remotely by driver actions known as "power plays".[3]

Split/Second was ported to the PlayStation Portable.[4]


In Split/Second, players take part in a fictional reality TV program where participants race for money and glory. Throughout a race, players can build up their "power play" meter by performing stunts, such as jumps and mid-air overtakes, and precision driving, such as drafting opponents and drifting. As the player builds up their meter, special events can be triggered, which create obstacles for other players, open up shortcuts, or alter an entire section of the race course.[5] These triggers are also activated by the AI opponents.

Target-rendered screenshot showing cars driving past an exploding airport terminal.

Such events range from shockwave-inducing explosions to buckling highways and dam breaches. The severity of the events available to trigger varies depending on how full the player's meter is. The Level 1 events become available when one of the three segments of the bar are full and the Level 2 events can only be triggered upon a full bar. Event locations, and the vehicles they will affect, are highlighted with blue icons for the level one power plays, and red icons for level two, and the player must time the action accurately in order to hinder his or her competitors as much as possible. The power play meter is used up by one segment once a level one event is triggered, so the player must also choose whether to activate the less destructive first-level events as soon as they are available, or save their power play energy and build it up further in order to trigger the top-tier actions.[6]

There are also certain power plays that can be reused, such as explosives dropped from helicopters, exploding tanker trucks, and shortcuts, but some other power plays are permanent and can only be used once in a single race. Black Rock Studios also wanted to make the HUD as simple as possible by taking away all unnecessary elements such as the speedometer and the track map (rendered useless due to the dynamic nature of the track) leaving only the lap count, the position that the player is in, and the power play meter, all positioned behind the player's car to avoid detracting from the scenery.[7]

The game also has a multiplayer mode, with both 8-player online and 2-player split-screen offline available.


There are 15 tracks in the standard game, most of which are located in a lifesize set of a city (shown being constructed in the introductory video). 2 tracks (marked with asterisks) can be acquired as DLC.

Standard tracks[edit]

Track Notable power plays Laps
Airport Terminal Cargo plane crash; exploding airport terminal building (see image) 3
Downtown Central Collapsing tower route switcher; mining dump truck suspended from helicopter 2
Construction Site Building frame (can be triggered three times and opens a shortcut on its third activation) 3
Ferry Wharf Ferry crash route switcher; aircraft carrier route switcher 3
Port Bridge Sliding ship; bridge route switcher 3
Airplane Graveyard Various decommissioned airplanes 2
Dry Docks Ship in dry dock (route switcher); collapsing smokestack 3
Expressway Railway route switcher; exploding highway that throws vehicles onto the track 2
Power Plant Warehouse; collapsing cooling towers 2
Storm Drain Warehouse; mining dump truck flung from helicopter 2
Canyon Collapsing dam route switcher 3
Quarry* Bucket-wheel excavator route switchers 3

Survival tracks[edit]

Track Modes
Storm Drain Speedway Survival, Onslaught
Downtown Circuit Survival only
Warehouse Strip Survival only
Desert Run Survival, Onslaught
Minepit Park* Survival, Onslaught


Car In-game description Closest real-life counterpart
Ryback Mohawk XDX "An exclusive version of the Ryback Mohawk" Unknown
Ryback Coyote AMX "An exclusive version of the Ryback Coyote" Unknown
Hanzo FX350 CX "An exclusive version of the Hanzo FX350" Gumpert Apollo
Ryback Brawler "The Brawler is a great all-rounder to start off in, with decent stats across the board." Chevrolet Camaro (fifth generation)
Cobretti 455 GT "Light, agile and quick off the mark - if your plan is to stay out of trouble and show your opponents a clean pair of heels, the 455 GT is the car for you." Ferrari F430
Ryback Tornado "Why would you want to race in a big truck? Because explosions wash over it like a light breeze, that's why! And where you're going, there are going to be a lot of explosions." Unknown
Cobretti Iridium "This is a car built to go just a little more sideways. It may not have the best acceleration and top speed, but if you master the art of drifting, it's a competitive choice." Unknown
Hanzo Indus V8R "The Hanzo Indus is hi-tech, fast and blessed with crisp, responsive handling. Just keep it away from the larger explosions." Unknown
Ryback Mohawk "The Mohawk is a neat, well-balanced all-rounder. It has had its suspension balanced specially for drifting, making it incredibly stable in slides." Unknown
Ryback Bandit "The Bandit is strong and heavy, but its [sic] also very quick in a straight line - provided it's a very long straight line." Unknown
Cobretti GT RS "The GT RS has a lot of grip, but also a lot of weight in the back end. As a result, once you get the rear to step out, it tends to want to stay out." Porsche Cayman
Cobretti Nero GT400 "A European take on the classic muscle car formula. Packs a lot of power, but spreads it across all four wheels so the rear wheels don't overtake the front ones." Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W204)
Cobretti Vortex "Your typical red blooded Italian hypercar. It looks fantastic, it goes like crazy, and when you slide it around a corner, the back end steps out and tries to wreck you. Just like it should." Lamborghini Murciélago
Hanzo GT "All you need to know about the Hanzo GT is that it its packing the mother of all turbo chargers. Hammer down the gas in turns to push the back end out...way out!" Nissan GT-R
Hanzo Bayonet R "The Hanzo Bayonet is so quick that you could be excused for thinking that you'd just accidentally leant on the 'fast-forward' button for the entire world." Unknown
Cobretti GT500 "With the GT500, keep throwing the back end out at every turn. Because as long as you are over-steering, you'll never have to worry about the under-steer." Aston Martin DBR9
Elite S510 "There are sportscars. Then there are supercars, and then there are hypercars. The Elite S510 is definitely very hyper." McLaren 12C
Ryback Thunder "The Ryback Thunder: because you don't want to be the sucker who brings a car to a monster truck fight!" Ram Pickup (fourth generation)
Ryback Coyote "The Coyote likes to drift. Do you like to drift? If you do, then the Coyote might like you." Unknown
Cobretti Slipstream "Can you handle the power of the Slipstream? The rear tires sure can't! Use the throttle to steer the back end, and leave the rest to sort itself out." Unknown
Elite 440 Special "'Special' is shorthand for 'covered in a quarter ton of armor plating'. It does make it a bit of a hog in turns, but it's well worth it!" Unknown
Cobretti Cascade "The Cobretti Cascade is a slick sports tourer. The key to success here is linking together your slides into one seamless chain." Porsche Panamera
Cobretti 530 GTS "The 530 GTS won't be for everyone. But if you're an adrenaline junkie who is clinically insane, then it might be for you. It is very fast. It's just not very friendly." Unknown
Cobretti Pursuit "The Pursuit goes very sideways. But if you're good, you can use this to your advantage. Point your flank in the direction you want to go and maintain your speed throughout the drift." Maserati GranTurismo
Elite Goliath "The biggest, baddest, heaviest truck around. Drive it if you don't want your progress interrupted by little things like rival cars, explosions, falling buildings, or the end of the world." Bowler Wildcat
Ryback Cyclone RS "The Cyclone RS is all about downforce and grip. This makes it very agile when it comes to dodging obstacles, but all that grip means it loses a lot of speed when sliding." Lamborghini Diablo GTR
Ryback Titan "Despite its size, the Titan has a spectacular top speed, if you can reach it. The key is maintaining speed through the corners, so pretend it's just a muscle car with no back seat." Unknown
Hanzo FX350 "Great power requires great control. This is especially true of the FX350, in which mastering the drift is all about mastering the throttle." Gumpert Apollo
Ryback Firestorm "The Firestorm is the ultimate drifting car, combining excellent power with perfect weight distribution and balance." Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione
Elite GT12 "The GT12 is a pure-blood race-car: built for the track. Which is great, except that we're going to make you race it down a storm drain through a hail of explosions!" Pagani Zonda R

DLC cars[edit]

Car In-game description Closest real-life counterpart DLC pack
Elite S510 RP "Raptor's custom S510 features his driver emblem converted into this awesome bird wing livery." McLaren 12C Elite Vehicle Livery Pack
Elite S510 VX "This special edition S510 celebrates Vixen's meteoric rise through the elite driver ranks."
Ryback Coyote Special "Channel the spirit of the Coyote with this awesome custom livery." Unknown Deadline Pack
Elite 440 BRN "The 440 BRN is Brawn's own custom setup. Like him, you should be aiming to hurl it into your rivals with reckless abandon." Unknown Elite Vehicle Livery Pack
Ryback Cyclone Special "The Cyclone returns in full battle trim. This is a tougher brute than the regular Cyclone RS, so you needn't worry so much when the world starts to explode." Lamborghini Diablo GTR Ryback Cyclone Special Edition
Cobretti Severus "The Severus is the most powerful car Cobretti have ever produced, and if you can keep it on the road, it's also the fastest." TVR Cerbera Speed 12 High Octane Supercar Pack
Ryback Vulcan "Light, agile and perfectly balanced, the Vulcan is the latest hypercar prototype from Ryback. Caution: driving through explosions may void warranty." Unknown High Octane Supercar Pack
Hanzo Katana "Computer controlled traction system. Computer controlled all wheel drive. Pure V12 power. The perfect combination?" Unknown High Octane Supercar Pack
Hanzo Kanobo "Hanzo's first entry into the SUV market builds on their excellent sports car pedigree to create a big bruiser that's a lot more nimble than your average truck." Audi Q7 (second generation) Deadline Pack
Cobretti Centaur "The Cobretti Centaur combines the poise and balance of a supercar with the raw aggression of a muscle car." Audi R8 (first generation) Deadline Pack
Ryback Javelin "Drift algebra: high mechanical grip + a bucket load of torque = perfect drift control! Get your math right, and there isn't a corner in the world you can't drift." Unknown Deadline Pack

Downloadable content[edit]

A "time savers" DLC pack was released upon the game's launch, which unlocks all cars, tracks and modes without the player having to unlock them by playing through the game's "Season" mode.

The "High Octane Supercar" pack was released on August 31, 2010 as paid DLC, featuring the Cobretti Severus, the Ryback Vulcan, and the Hanzo Katana. In addition, the Elite Vehicle Livery and Ryback Cyclone Special (a stronger, upgraded version of a standard car) packs were released for free.

The next paid download was released as the "Survival at the Rock" pack and included a new Survival mode track (Minepit Park) and a new multiplayer-only mode (Survival Race; a racing variant of the Survival mode). It was released on October 12.

Another vehicle pack, entitled the "Deadline" pack, was released on October 20. The Deadline pack includes three new cars (the Hanzo Kanobo, Cobretti Centaur, and Ryback Javelin) and a new livery for the Ryback Coyote vehicle. Also included is the Deadline mode, a variation of Detonator (a time trial with automatically triggered power plays) where pickups spread across the track can pause the timer.

The final known pack is the "Quarry Onslaught" pack, released to Xbox Live Marketplace on November 2, 2011. Included with this pack is the "Quarry" race course and the "Onslaught" game type. During an Onslaught event, racers are challenged to pull ahead of the competition while the helicopter fires missiles onto the track. Points are awarded based on how close to the front racers are, and the game will end after twenty missile waves.

All the downloadable content, with the exception of the two free addons, is available in Europe as part of the "Ultimate Edition", a complete bundle which also includes the digital version of the game.

Steam version[edit]

As part of Disney Interactive's new offering on Steam in late 2014, Split/Second was included alongside other titles such as Epic Mickey 2. This version of the game does not have support for online multiplayer matchmaking,[8] but virtual private network services can be used to facilitate online connections through the game's LAN features.[9] There are also game cards and badges from Split/Second that can be earned.

PSP version[edit]

The PlayStation Portable (PSP) version was released on November 17, 2010, with porting and development duties handled by Sumo Digital. The PSP version of the game features, among other changes, an extra track based on the "Docks" environment. The track (simply called "The Docks") is a composite course that takes the drivers through areas from each of the three other Docks environment courses (Dry Docks, Ferry Wharf, and Port Bridge) in a single lap. The PSP version also adds new gameplay modes that offer variants on the core game (such as drifting around the training course to earn points). It also offers some changes to the game itself, such as revamped physics to make driving easier on the PSP. Subtle changes to track design, event rules, and car statistics were also made.

The PSP version supports ad hoc multiplayer for up to four drivers.


Critical reception[edit]

Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
GameRankings 84% (PS3)[10]
82% (Xbox 360)[11]
80% (PC)[12]
65% (PSP)[13]
60% (iOS)[14]
Metacritic 84/100 (PS3)[15]
82/100 (Xbox 360)[16]
82/100 (PC)[17]
63/100 (PSP)[18]
Review scores
Publication Score
1UP.com A[19]
Eurogamer 8/10[20]
Game Informer 8.25/10[21]
GameSpot 7.5/10[22]
GameTrailers 8.4/10[23]
Giant Bomb 4/5 stars[24]
IGN 8.5/10[25]
Joystiq 4/5 stars[26]

Split/Second received positive reviews at aggregate site Metacritic.[15][16][17][18]


Despite positive reviews from critics, the game was a commercial failure. It sold only 86,000 copies in the United States in its first 12 days.[27]

Cancelled sequel[edit]

After finishing Episode 12, a cutscene is shown in which power plays in the city are activated by unknown perpetrators in construction vehicles (with the panicked voice of a TV crew member claiming that the group "were taken off air in '82") followed by a black screen reading "To be continued...".

However, in May 2011, Eurogamer spoke to an anonymous source that confirmed Disney Interactive Studios had made a reduction at Black Rock Studio's workforce. Due to Disney's new management, the game was cancelled in December 2010 despite attempts to fit with their new business model.[28]

Fans' request for sequel[edit]

Upon the news of the cancelled sequel, fans of the game gathered online and created the Split/Second Network. There is also a petition still active today, with its main objective being to convince a willing publisher to develop a sequel. Ideally including staff of the original and former Black Rock Studios team.


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