Spotted African lungfish

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Spotted African lungfish
Protopterus dolloi Boulenger2.jpg
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Subphylum: Vertebrata
Class: Sarcopterygii
Subclass: Dipnoi
Order: Lepidosireniformes
Family: Protopteridae
Genus: Protopterus
Species: P. dolloi
Binomial name
Protopterus dolloi
Boulenger, 1900[2][3]

The spotted African lungfish or slender lungfish (Protopterus dolloi) is a species of lungfish from Middle Africa, where found in the Congo, Kouilou-Niari and Ogowe river basins.[1][3] It is one of four extant species in the genus Protopterus.


The slender lungfish is a freshwater fish and it largely inhabits the middle and lower Congo River basin.[3] It is a primarily demersal fish, dwelling in the riverbeds of the above basins and in Stanley Pool.[3][4] During spawning season, females can be found in open water.[3][4]


The slender lungfish has an anguilliform body, much like an eel.[3] The body of the slender lungfish is generally brown; young of the species oftentimes have black spots throughout the body, however adults generally lose these spots as they age.[3] Like all African lungfish the slender lungfish is an obligate air-breather and is capable of aestivation; however, it generally does not aestivate.[3]


Spotted African lungfish nests are generally found in June through October.[4] During this time period the male makes a nest and buries it in mud, not unlike the Marbled lungfish mating behavior.[4] He guards both eggs and larvae during this time.[3][4] The female does not take care of the young but rather during this time can be found open water in rivers within its range.[3]


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