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Church of St. Idesbaldus, Saint-Idesbald
Church of St. Idesbaldus, Saint-Idesbald
Country Belgium
Province  West Flanders
Municipality Koksijde
  Source: NIS
Postal code 8670

Saint-Idesbald is a village at the Belgian West Coast, part of Koksijde, which also includes Oostduinkerke. Its name refers to Saint Idesbald, a 12th-century abbot of the Abbey of Ten Duinen.

In 1931, George Grard set up his studio at Saint-Idesbald, where his house became a rendezvous of artists including Pierre Caille, the Haesaerts brothers, Edgard Tytgat and Paul Delvaux.

In 1982 the Paul Delvaux Museum opened in Saint-Idesbald.


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Coordinates: 51°06′028″N 2°036′051″E / 51.10778°N 2.61417°E / 51.10778; 2.61417