St Christopher's Hospice

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St Christopher's Hospice
St. Christopher's Hospice.jpg
St Christopher's Hospice in 2005
Photo by Stephen Craven
Location London Borough of Bromley, England
Hospital type End-of-life care
Founded 1967
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St. Christopher's Hospice is a hospice in south London, England, established in 1967 by Cicely Saunders, whose work is considered the basis of modern hospice philosophy.[1]


Among the first staff at St. Christopher's was Florence Wald, who took Saunders' philosophies back to the United States to become the founder of the hospice movement in the United States.[2][3][4] In 1971 Robert Twycross was appointed as a Clinical Research Fellow by Saunders. During his tenure there, his studies on the effectiveness of morphine, diamorphine and methadone helped standardize and simplify the management of cancer pain.[5]


The hospice contains sculptures by the artist Witold Gracjan Kawalec.

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