St. Joseph's Church, Le Havre

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St. Joseph's Church, Le Havre
49°29′27.5″N 0°6′4″E / 49.490972°N 0.10111°E / 49.490972; 0.10111Coordinates: 49°29′27.5″N 0°6′4″E / 49.490972°N 0.10111°E / 49.490972; 0.10111
Denomination Roman Catholic
Dedication Saint Joseph
Parish Saint Martin du Littoral
Diocese Le Havre
Official name Le Havre
Type Cultural
Criteria ii, iv
Designated 2005
Reference no. 1181
State Party  France
Region Europe and North America

St. Joseph's Church, Le Havre, is a Roman Catholic church in Le Havre, France, built between 1951 and 1957/58 as part of the reconstruction of the town of Le Havre, which was almost entirely destroyed during World War II. It acts as a memorial to the five thousand civilians who died in the conflict.

The church was designed by the chief architect for the reconstruction of Le Havre, Auguste Perret, teacher and mentor to the Swiss architect Le Corbusier. The sombre interior is in the Neo-Gothic style. The tower is 107 metres tall and acts as a beacon visible from out at sea, especially at night when illuminated.

The tower of the Église Saint-Joseph dominates the reconstructed center of Le Havre