St. Julian's railway bridge

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St Julian's railway bridge
Railway bridge over the River Usk near Caerleon - - 1280993.jpg
St. Julian's railway bridge looking south.
Carries Railway
Crosses River Usk
Locale Newport
Maintained by Network Rail
Width Double standard-gauge (4 foot 8½ inch) track

The St. Julian's railway bridge is a crossing of the River Usk close to the city of Newport, South Wales. It was opened in 1874 by the Pontypool, Caerleon and Newport Railway and currently carries the Welsh Marches Line across the river in a north—south direction. Due to the meanderings of the river, all the other crossings are east—west.

The viaduct consists of four brick-built arches and four wrought iron lattice truss spans with wrought iron cross girders and plate floors. The viaduct carries two railway lines and was renovated in 2014 to increase the capacity of the bridge.[1]


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