St. Quentin (Pontormo)

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St. Quentin
Jacopo Pontormo 043.jpg
ArtistJacopo Pontormo
Mediumoil on canvas
Dimensions150 cm × 100 cm (59 in × 39 in)
LocationPinacoteca Comunale, Sansepolcro

St. Quentin is a painting attributed to the Italian Renaissance master Jacopo Pontormo. According to Giorgio Vasari's Vite, one of Pontormo's pupils, Gianmaria Pichi, was commissioned by his hometown of Sansepolcro a processional standard with the figure of St. Quentin; Pontormo decided to collaborate on the work, at the extent that he finished to complete most of it. The saint's posture resembles that of the Dying Slave by Michelangelo: the fact that Pontormo was friend of the latter confirms the attribution.

The position of the nails in St. Quentin's body is directly inspired to Jacopo da Varagine's Legenda Aurea.


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