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Stanisław Młodożeniec (born 31 January 1895 in Dobrocice - died 21 January 1959 in Warsaw) was a poet, and a founder of Polish futurism. He was born to a well-to-do peasant family in 1895 in the village of Dobrocice, near Sandomierz. Captured in 1915 by the retreating Russian army, Mlodozeniec was taken to Moscow where he attended the Polish gymnasium in order to avoid military service. After returning to Poland in 1918, he studied Polish literature at the Jagellonian University. Along with Tytus Czyżewski and Bruno Jasieński he founded the futurist club Katarynka, and participated in futurist activities. Between 1922 and 1939 he worked as a high school teacher and during the 1930s he became politically active in the peasants' party. After the war he lived in London, before returning in 1958 to Poland, where he died in 1959 in Warsaw.[1]

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