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Star Dance: Search for the Dance Idols is a reality dance TV show in the Philippines last 2005 over ABS-CBN.




StarDance Contestants
Ryan Sabaybay Winner
Christian Adrales 1st Runner-up
Bambi Candelaria 2nd Runner-up
Dang Palma Eliminated
Jhoey Zulueta Eliminated
Jeff Coronel Eliminated
D.J De Guzman Eliminated
Leah Desamparado Eliminated
Daniel Cabrera Eliminated
Christaliza Sawada Eliminated
Reina Victoria Eliminated
Andrianne Gomez Eliminated


In every Saturday all dancers will perform according to the dance theme with a factor like dancing in the sea or dancing while standing in a thin pole then the judges gonna choose the bottom dancers which the judges did not like the performance and after the bottom dancers must perform with the factors used in the challenge to change there low scores. The lowest bottom dancer is eliminated with the score and public votes.

Date Bottom 3
March 20 Froilan Dabalus Daniel Cabrera Leah Desamparado
March 27 Reina Victoria Leah Desamparado (2) Ryan Sabaybay
April 3 Christaliza Sawada Leah Desamparado (3) Bambi Candelaria
April 10 Leah Desamparado (4) Bambi Candelaria (2) Daniel Cabrera (2)
April 17 Daniel Cabrera (3) Ryan Sabaybay (2) D.J De Guzman
April 24 D.J De Guzman (2) Jeff Coronel Bambi Candelaria (3)
May 1 Wild Card
May 8 Leah Desamparado (5) Jhoey Zulueta D.J De Guzman (3)
May 15 D.J De Guzman (4) Jhoey Zulueta (2) Bambi Candelaria (4)
Bottom 2
May 22 Jeff Coronel (2) Jhoey Zulueta (3)
May 29 Jhoey Zulueta (4) Christian Adrales
June 5 Dang Palma Bambi Candelaria (5)
June 12 Bambi Candelaria Christian Adrales Ryan Sabaybay

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