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StarFist is a series of military science fiction novels set in the 25th century and written from the viewpoint of the men of the Confederation of Human Worlds Marine Corps 34th FIST (Fleet Initial Strike Team) and later in the spin-off series Starfist: Force Recon.

As of June 2010, the StarFist series comprises 14 novels written by David Sherman and Dan Cragg, with the recent addition of the novel, Double Jeopardy. An additional spinoff series by the same authors, entitled StarFist: Force Recon, was started in 2005 with the publication of Backshot.


The authors of StarFist and StarFist: Force Recon are David Sherman and Dan Cragg.

Dan Cragg was a non-commissioned officer in the United States Army, serving for twenty-two years with eleven years in overseas stations, with five and half of them in Vietnam; at retirement Cragg was a Sergeant Major. He is also a writer of military non-fiction, including Inside the VC and NVA' and many others based around the Vietnam War. He lives in Virginia.[citation needed]

Starfist Series[edit]


The Confederation of Human Worlds in the 25th century has established its capital city at Fargo, North Dakota which has grown into a large metropolis with many skyscrapers and government buildings. The military headquarters of the Confederation in Fargo, North Dakota is called the Heptagon. There is a space navy, an army with air force capability (transported aboard space navy spaceships to whatever planet they are ordered to), and a Marine Corps. Humans have colonized numerous worlds out to several hundred light years but are starting to come into conflict with surrounding extraterrestrials.

Current Status of Series[edit]

A short time after the authors sent in the manuscript of the novel "Double Jeopardy", the series publisher, Del Rey, decided to cancel the series.[1]

Characters of the StarFist Series[edit]

First to Fight, (1997)

34 FIST, Company L, Third Platoon

Platoon Leader: Staff Sergeant Charlie Bass
Squad 1 Leader: Sergeant Wang Hyakowa
Squad 1 Team 1:
Squad 1 Team 2 Fire Team: Lance Corporal Lupo "Rabbit" Ratliff

PFC Chan
PFC Claypoole

Squad 2 Leader: Eagle's Cry
Gun Squad: Corporal "Hound" Kelly

Joseph F. Dean
- Fred McNeal
- Charlie Bass
- PFC Chan
- Lupo "Rabbit" Ratliff
- PFC "New Guy" Claypoole

The Novels in the StarFist Series[edit]

  1. First to Fight, (1997)
  2. School of Fire, (1998)
  3. Steel Gauntlet, (1999)
  4. Blood Contact, (1999)
  5. TechnoKill, (2000)
  6. Hangfire, (2000)
  7. Kingdom's Swords, (2002)
  8. Kingdom's Fury, (2003)
  9. Lazarus Rising, (2003)
  10. A World of Hurt, (2004)
  11. Flashfire, (2006)
  12. Firestorm, (2007)
  13. Wings of Hell, (2008)
  14. Double Jeopardy, (2009)

Starfist: Force Recon Series[edit]

While the Starfist original series deals primarily with a particular Confederation Marine brigade, the 34th FIST (Fleet Initial Strike Team), Starfist: Force Recon describes the experiences of the men and women who carry out intelligence-gathering and small-unit raids behind enemy lines. The Confederation Marine Force Recon mission is very similar to that of United States Marine Force Recon, with which co-author Sherman, a former US Marine, is familiar. Because this new series did not sell as well as the parent series, the publisher chose to allow the series to end after three novels.

The Novels in the Starfist: Force Recon Series[edit]

  • Backshot, (2005)
  • PointBlank, (2006)
  • Recoil, (2008)


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