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StarKist Tuna is the name of a brand of tuna that is produced by StarKist Co., based on Pittsburgh’s North Shore,[1] is an American company, now wholly owned by Dongwon Industries of South Korea. It was purchased by Dongwon from the American food manufacturer, Del Monte Foods, on June 24, 2008, for slightly more than $300 million.[2]

Since 1961 its mascot has been Charlie the Tuna, an anthropomorphic cartoon tuna. Commercials usually featured the phrase "Sorry Charlie".

In August 2015, StarKist settled a class-action lawsuit claiming that the company was guilty of deliberately "under-filling" five-ounce cans of tuna.[3] Earlier that same month, StarKist was sued, accused of colluding with Bumble Bee Foods and Chicken of the Sea to fix prices.[1]

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