State Prison of Kragskovhede

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The State Prison of Kragskovhede is one of the open prisons in Denmark and is located west of the village Jerup, approximately 12 km northwest of Frederikshavn in Krageskov Moor.

In 2007, the prison had a capacity of 211 inmates and a staff of approximately 170.


  • 1930 - Camp set as a labor camp for voluntary measure for the young unemployed.
  • 1943 - Camp taken over by the German occupiers forces in Denmark to accommodate troop transports, equipment and prisoners of war.
  • 1945 - On 27 August the camp was taken over by the Danish prison system under the name Criminal camp at Kragskovhede. It was used among other things to house traitors of Denmark.
  • 1947 - the last traitor leave the camp and it is now being designed to house criminals.


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Coordinates: 57°31′23″N 10°23′49″E / 57.5231°N 10.3970°E / 57.5231; 10.3970