Statute Law (Ireland) Revision Act 1872

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The Statute Law (Ireland) Revision Act 1872[1]
Long title An Act for promoting the Revision of the Statute Law by repealing certain Enactments which have ceased to be in force or have become unnecessary in Ireland.
Citation 35 & 36 Vict c 98
Royal assent 10 August 1872
Commencement 10 August 1872[2]

The Statute Law (Ireland) Revision Act 1872 (35 & 36 Vict c 98) is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

It repealed, as to Ireland, certain Acts of the Parliament of England which had been extended to Ireland by Poynings' Law. It was intended, in particular, to make the revised edition of the statutes already published applicable to Ireland.[3]

This Act was retained for the Republic of Ireland by section 2(2)(a) of, and Part 4 of Schedule 1 to, the Statute Law Revision Act 2007.

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