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Stavros (Σταύρος) is a Greek name. It comes from σταυρóς, the Christian cross, but is distinguished from it by having the accent on the first syllable rather than the second. (cf. Christos, as given name and surname).

Unlike many other names of Greek origin (e.g. Alexander, Nicholas, Peter, Stephen) that have been adopted by many languages, Stavros is used as a given name most commonly by Greeks.

People with the given name Stavros[edit]

People with the surname Stavros[edit]

  • Jasmin Stavros (born 1954), Croatian artist of Greek descent
  • Jennifer Stavros, a comic-book character also known as Roulette
  • Costas Stavros, a character in Riverdale
  • Chrisa Stavros, a character in Riverdale
  • Riley Stavros, a character in Degrassi: The Next Generation
  • Detective Stavros, a character in Kojak played by George Savalas, (Telly Savalas's brother)
  • Stavros, a fictional character in the 1997 film Double Team played by Mickey Rourke

Places named Stavros[edit]

Songs about Stavros[edit]

  • Kan' tone, Stavro, kan' tone (Fix it, Stavros, fix it, Greek: Κάν' τονε, Σταύρο, κάν' τονε) by Markos Vamvakaris
  • O tampouras tou Stavrou (Stavros' tamburica, Greek: Ο ταμπουράς του Σταύρου) by Chainides

Other uses[edit]