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Steve Brady
Steve Brady by David Eigenberg.jpg
First appearanceThe Man, The Myth, The Viagra (episode 2.08)
Last appearanceSex and the City 2
Portrayed byDavid Eigenberg
OccupationBartender (formerly), bar owner
FamilyMary Brady (mother)

Paul Brady (father; deceased)[1]
Paul Brady Sr. (grandfather; deceased)[1]
Jackie Brady (sister)[2]
Mr. Brady (brother)[3]
Mrs. Brady (sister-in-law)[3]
Unnamed nephew (deceased)[3]
Patrick (cousin and godfather to Brady)[3]
Mrs. Hobbes (mother-in-law; deceased)
Betsy (sister-in-law)[4][5]
David (brother-in-law; Betsy's husband)
Catherine (sister-in-law)[4][5]
John (brother-in-law; Catherine's husband)[5]

Unnamed niece-in-law[6]
SpouseMiranda Hobbes (2004–present)
ChildrenBrady Hobbes (son)
ReligionRoman Catholic

Steven "Steve" Brady is a recurring fictional character on HBO series, Sex and The City, played by David Eigenberg.


Introduced in the second season, Steve is a bartender who has an unconventional on-again, off-again relationship with Miranda Hobbes throughout the remainder of the series.


Season 2-3[edit]

Miranda meets Steve when she spends a long time at a bar waiting for Carrie, who ultimately stands her up. Steve is the bartender and flirts with her—the two go to Miranda's place and have sex. She sees the encounter as a one-night stand, but Steve is smitten. Miranda reacts callously to Steve's suggestion that they see each other in the future, with Miranda insisting that no man can be faithful and dependable. Finally Steve wins her over and she takes a leap of faith and starts dating him. Their differences in income, aspirations and status, as well as their attitudes about living together and having kids, are the catalysts for their eventual breakup, followed by several reconciliations and subsequent breakups. Over the course of the show Miranda puts Steve through a fair amount of emotional tumult. However, he looks beneath her cynical exterior and finds her softer side while at the same time choosing his battles carefully, and manages to get Miranda to relax and feel comfortable in a relationship.

Season 4-6[edit]

In season four Steve opens his own bar, called Scout (after his dog), with Aidan Shaw as a silent partner. He is also diagnosed with testicular cancer. Miranda finds out about it, through Aidan, and she takes charge and urges Steve to take the cancer seriously. She takes him to a doctor who is an expert. Initially Steve is uncomfortable with Miranda's involvement; however, he realizes that Miranda is right and changes doctors. He undergoes an operation to remove one testicle, which is all of the treatment he needs. However, he feels like less of a man with only one ball, and opts to get a faux testicle made of silicone. Miranda is against the idea, but Steve says nobody will sleep with him if he only has one ball. Miranda says she will, and the then platonic exes have sex. This encounter results in an accidental pregnancy (despite his losing a testicle and Miranda having only one functioning ovary). Steve proposes to Miranda because he feels that's what she wants. However, she laughs it off, saying it's a bad idea and they shouldn't get married, and surely that's not what he wants, either. Steve then tells Miranda that he agrees, but they decide to raise the child (Brady Hobbes) together. They see each other a great deal after the child is born, and Miranda concludes she loves Steve. Finally she picks up the courage to tell him, and he reciprocates. They get back together and marry in season six. Miranda hates weddings, but they agree on a small intimate wedding ceremony with Carrie, Charlotte and Samantha present, and a few close relatives and friends. At the end of season six, Steve convinces Miranda to move to a house in Brooklyn. In the final episode of the series, Steve and Miranda invite Steve's aging mother Mary (Anne Meara) to stay with them, after they learn that she's suffered a stroke, and is experiencing cognitive decline.

Sex and the City: The Movie[edit]

While Steve and Miranda do have a happy marriage, they hit a bump in the road which leads him to having sex with another woman. He begs Miranda to forgive him, but she moves out. But at the end, after six months of marriage therapy, they renew their marriage.

Sex and the City 2[edit]

Steve isn't much featured in the second film, however their relationship is as strong as ever. When Miranda is struggling with her new boss at her firm, he inadvertently convinces her to quit. He greets her with Brady when she returns from Abu Dhabi.

Episodes featuring Steve Brady[edit]

  1. "The Man, the Myth, the Viagra" (July 25, 1999)
  2. "Old Dogs, New Dicks" (August 1, 1999)
  3. "The Caste System" (August 8, 1999)
  4. "Ex and the City" (October 3, 1999)
  5. "Where There's Smoke..." (June 4, 2000)
  6. "Politically Erect" (June 11, 2000)
  7. "Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl..." (June 25, 2000)
  8. "No Ifs, Ands or Butts" (July 9, 2000)
  9. "Are We Sluts?" (July 16, 2000)
  10. "Drama Queens" (July 23, 2000)
  11. "The Big Time" (July 30, 2000)
  12. "Easy Come, Easy Go" (August 6, 2000)
  13. "Cock-a-Doodle-Do" (October 15, 2000)
  14. "Ghost Town" (June 24, 2001)
  15. "Baby, Talk Is Cheap" (July 1, 2001)
  16. "My Motherboard, My Self" (July 15, 2001)
  17. "Sex and the Country" (July 22, 2001)
  18. "Belles of the Balls" (July 29, 2001)
  19. "Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda" (August 5, 2001)
  20. "Just Say Yes" (August 12, 2001)
  21. "Ring a Ding Ding" (January 27, 2002)
  22. "I Heart NY" (February 10, 2002)
  23. "Anchors Away" (July 21, 2002)
  24. "Unoriginal Sin" (July 28, 2002)
  25. "Luck Be an Old Lady" (August 4, 2002)
  26. "Critical Condition" (August 25, 2002)
  27. "I Love a Charade" (September 8, 2002)
  28. "To Market, to Market" (June 22, 2003)
  29. "Great Sexpectations" (June 29, 2003)
  30. "The Perfect Present" (July 6, 2003)
  31. "Lights, Camera, Relationship" (July 20, 2003)
  32. "The Catch" (August 10, 2003)
  33. "The Domino Effect" (September 7, 2003)
  34. "One" (September 14, 2003)
  35. "Let There Be Light" (January 4, 2004)
  36. "The Ick Factor" (January 11, 2004)
  37. "Catch-38" (January 18, 2004)
  38. "Out of the Frying Pan" (January 25, 2004)
  39. "The Cold War" (February 1, 2004)
  40. "Splat!" (February 8, 2004)
  41. "An American Girl in Paris: Part Deux" (February 22, 2004)

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