Strangers (Keane video album)

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Video by Keane
Released 11 November 2005
Recorded Helioscentric Studios, various live gigs, Keane tour bus.
Genre Rock
Length 204 min. (3h 24)
Label Island Records
Universal Music
Director Ed Roe
Keane chronology
Hopes and Fears DVD
2004'Hopes and Fears DVD'String Module Error: Match not found
Under the Iron Sea DVD
2006'Under the Iron Sea DVD'String Module Error: Match not found

Strangers is English rock band Keane's first musical-documentary DVD. It was named "Strangers" as their feelings before triumphing in music and as a reference to the song "We Might as Well Be Strangers" appearing on their debut album Hopes and Fears. The discs contain a documentary narrated by Ed Roe, friend and photographer of Keane, and co-narrated by Keane. Band members talk about their feelings before being famous and how they succeed. Both DVDs contain Keane music and their videoclips, as well as live performances.


DVD 1[edit]

  • "Strangers" documentary part 1

Live performances[edit]

Background tracks[edit]

Music videos[edit]

  • "Somewhere Only We Know" (UK, US Ver. 2)
  • "This Is the Last Time" (Ver.2); Making the video
  • Additional documentary footage
  • Opinions
  • Hidden video: Ed Roe

DVD 2[edit]

  • "Strangers" documentary part 2

Live performances[edit]

Background tracks

Music videos

  • "Bedshaped"
  • "Everybody's Changing" (UK, US)
  • Additional documentary footage
  • Opinions

Alternative versions[edit]

Digipack Special Edition

  • New additional photos