Stefan Stremersch

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Stefan Stremersch
Stefan Stremersch.jpg
Born 1972
Nationality Belgian
Occupation Professor and Consultant
Academic work
Institutions Erasmus University Rotterdam and IESE Business School

Stefan Stremersch (1972) holds the Desiderius Erasmus Distinguished Chair of Economics and a Chair of Marketing, both at Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands and is professor of Marketing at IESE Business School, Barcelona, Spain.[1][2] His main research interests focus on innovation diffusion, marketing of technology and science, marketing strategy, new product growth, business economics of the life sciences and commercialization of new technologies. He is the scientific director of the Erasmus Healthcare Business Center and ECMI (European Center of Marketing and Innovation).[3] Stremersch is also founder and director at The Marketing Technology and Innovation Institute (MTI²),[4] a consulting company focused on helping companies innovate.

Early life[edit]

Stremersch graduated with the highest honors from Tilburg University (Ph.D. in Business Economics, 2001) and Ghent University (B.A and M.A. in Applied Economics, 1996). He also held positions at University of Southern California (USA), University of California at Los Angeles (USA), Emory University (USA) and Duke University (USA).

Career and awards[edit]

As a professor at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and IESE he has taught at all levels including bachelor's- and master's-level courses in Economics, bachelor's-level courses in Business, MBA, EMBA, Global MBA and open programs (PLD, PMD). Stremersch teaches marketing, marketing strategy, marketing innovation, and marketing of high technology in IESE's MBA and executive education programs. Before joining IESE, he taught at Duke University (Fuqua), Emory University (Goizueta) and LBS. He has taught in many in-company programs for companies such as 3M, Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Henkel, Komatsu, Philips, and Rabobank. Through MTI² he has consulted for a number of companies, such as Alcatel-Lucent, KLM, Michelin, Merck, Heraeus, Sabic, SKF and NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research)

Stremersch has won several awards, such as the Harold H. Maynard Best Paper Award of the Journal of Marketing (2002), the J.C. Ruigrok Prize for the most productive young researcher in the social sciences in the Netherlands (awarded only once every four years), and the Rajan Varadarajan Early Career Award of the American Marketing Association (in 2008). He was awarded the American Marketing Association Maynard Award for the most significant contribution to marketing thought (2003) and the American Marketing Association Global Marketing Award (2006). In 2015, Stefan Stremersch was awarded the prestigious International Francqui Chair by Ghent University (Belgium).

In 2009, a paper published in Journal of Marketing cited him as the second most prolific scholar in top marketing journals. In 2012, a paper published in International Journal of Research in Marketing was awarded with the best paper award. In 2014 he won the best paper award of the International Journal of Research in Marketing for the 2nd time in 3 years. He is editorial board member of several journals, including Journal of Marketing Research, International Journal of Research in Marketing and Marketing Science. From 2006 till 2009 he has been editor of the International Journal of Research in Marketing (EMAC - Europe).


Journal articles[edit]

  • "The Commercial Contribution of Clinical Studies for Pharmaceutical Drugs", (with Ashish Sood and Eelco Kappe), International Journal of Research in Marketing
  • "From Academic Research to Marketing Practice: Exploring the Marketing Science Value Chain", (with John Roberts and Ujwal Kayande),International Journal of Research in Marketing, 2014.

Winner IJRM Best Paper Award 2014

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Winner IJRM Best Paper Award 2012

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Winner ERIM Top Article Award 2010

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  • "Understanding and Managing International Growth of New Products", (with Gerard J. Tellis), International Journal of Research in Marketing, 21 (4), 2004, 421-438.

Winner of the MSI & IJRM Research Competition on Global Marketing 2003
Finalist AMA TechSIG Best Paper Award 2005

  • "Vertical Marketing Systems for Complex Products: A Triadic Perspective", (with Stefan Wuyts, Christophe Van den Bulte and Philip Hans Franses), Journal of Marketing Research, 41 (November), 2004, 479-487.
  • "Social Contagion and Income Heterogeneity in New Product Diffusion: A Meta-Analytic Test", (with Christophe Van den Bulte), Marketing Science, 23 (4), 2004, 530-544.

Winner ERIM Top Article Award 2005

  • "Portfolios of Interfirm Agreements in Technology-Intensive Markets: Consequences for Innovation and Profitability", (with Stefan Wuyts and Shantanu Dutta), Journal of Marketing, 68 (2), 2004, 88-100.
  • "Buying Modular Systems in Technology-Intensive Markets", (with Allen M. Weiss, Benedict G.C. Dellaert and Ruud T. Frambach), Journal of Marketing Research, 40 (3), 2003, 335-350.

Finalist AMA TechSig Best Paper Award 2004

  • "The International Takeoff of New Products: The Role of Economics, Culture, and Country Innovativeness", (with Gerard J. Tellis and Eden Yin), Marketing Science, 22 (2), 2003, 188-208.

Discussed in numerous newspapers, journals and newswires nationally and abroad – such as The Economist, Sloan Management Review, Het Financieel Dagblad, De Financieel Economische Tijd
Winner ERIM Impact Award 2004
Winner Global Marketing Award, American Marketing Association, 2006
Most Highly Cited Paper Published in Marketing Science in the 2003 volume (2005, 2006)
Marketing Science Long Term Impact Award Finalist, 2009 & 2010

  • "Strategic Bundling of Products and Prices: A New Synthesis For Marketing", (with Gerard J. Tellis), Journal of Marketing, 66 (January), 2002, 55-72.

Winner of the 2002 Harold H. Maynard Best Paper Award
Top-3 of most readable articles (Sawyer, Laran and Xu, Journal of Marketing, January 2008)

  • "The Purchasing of Full-Service Contracts: An Exploratory Study within the Industrial Maintenance Market", (with Stefan Wuyts & Ruud T. Frambach), Industrial Marketing Management, 2001, 30 (1), 1-12.


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