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Coordinates: 41°24′20″N 22°54′43″E / 41.40556°N 22.91194°E / 41.40556; 22.91194

Strumica, Strumeshnitsa
(Струмица, Струмешница)
The lower course of the river in Bulgaria.
Country  Macedonia,  Bulgaria
Basin features
Main source Plačkovica mountain,  Macedonia
River mouth Struma River at Mitino,  Bulgaria
Physical characteristics
Length 114 km (71 mi)

The Strumica (Macedonian and Bulgarian: Струмица, [ˈstrumitsa]; also transliterated Strumitsa or Strumitza) or Strumeshnitsa (Bulgarian: Струмешница) is a river in the Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria. It runs through the town of Strumica and flows into the Struma River.

The Strumica takes its source from the Plačkovica mountain in Radoviš municipality in the Republic of Macedonia, running south in a deep valley and then known as the Stara Reka. It then enters the Radoviš Valley and runs through the eponymous town of Radoviš. Afterwards the Strumica runs southeastwards through the Strumica Valley (Vasilevo, Strumica and Novo Selo municipality), passing through the town of Strumica and turning east to enter Bulgaria south of Zlatarevo. A wide meandering valley follows until the river flows into the Struma as a right tributary northeast of Mitino, not far from Rupite.

The river has a total length of 114 km, of which 81 km in the Republic of Macedonia and 33 km in Bulgaria. It is the Struma's largest tributary.