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Stuart & Sons
Private company
Industry Musical instruments
Founded 1990
Founder Wayne Stuart
Headquarters Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Area served
Products Grand pianos
Stuart & Sons 2.9 m 102-note piano

Stuart & Sons is an Australian manufacturer of handcrafted grand pianos established in 1990 as Stuart & Sons Terra Australis Pty Limited. The founder is Wayne Stuart. The company later evolved and formed a partnership with Albert Music. Stuart & Sons primarily use Australian timbers for construction. The company is based in Newcastle in New South Wales.[1]

The Dutch-Australian pianist Gerard Willems used a Stuart & Sons piano when recording the complete piano sonata cycle of Ludwig van Beethoven during 1999 and 2000.[2]

Stuart & Sons has created a grand piano with 14 more keys than are found on a standard piano, for a total of 102 keys - that is eight and a half octaves. Although other manufacturers have created pianos that reach 9 notes lower in the bass, the company claims that no one has created a range that reaches as high a pitch as can be produced on their keyboard.[3]

Piano locations[edit]

Stuart pianos are used at many prominent locations throughout Australia including:

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