Stylianos of Paphlagonia

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Saint Stylianos
Saint Stylianos.jpg
of Paphlagonia
Born about 550, Adrianopolis, Paphlagonia
Died Unknown, Paphlagonia
Venerated in Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Eastern Catholic Churches
Major shrine None
Feast November 26
Attributes Child wrapped in swaddling
Patronage Children, both born and unborn, and Orphans

Stylianos of Paphlagonia (Latin: Stylianus, Greek: Στυλιανός, English: Stylian), also known as Stylianos the Hermit, is venerated as a saint born in Adrianopolis in the province of Paphlagonia (modern Turkey) into a poor family.

Simeon Stylites, Stylianos and Onuphrius

The Bollandist Hippolyte Delehaye argued that Stylianos never existed, but was a confusion with Alypios the Stylite, who shares a saint's day and city of birth, with the attribute 'stylite' being confused with a cognomen Στυλιανός (both derived from στύλος 'pillar').[1]


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