Microregion of Sudoeste de Goiás

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Sudoeste de Goiás
Location in Goias state
Location in Goias state
Country Brazil
State Goiás
Mesoregion Sul Goiano
Municipalities 18
 • Total 56,293 km2 (21,735 sq mi)
Population (2007)
 • Total 397,387
 • Density 7.1/km2 (18/sq mi)

Sudoeste de Goiás Microregion is a region in southwest Goiás state, Brazil. It includes 18 municipalities with a population of 397,387 in a total area of 56,293.30 km2 (21,734.96 sq mi) (2007). The largest towns are Jataí, Santa Helena de Goiás, and Rio Verde. It is watered by several important rivers, which are tributaries of the Paranaíba.

This is possibly the richest region of the state of Goiás and is a large producer of soybeans, corn, and cotton. The relatively flat grassy plains are ideal for cattle grazing. Several of the state's most prosperous cities are located here.

The most populous municipality is Rio Verde with 149,3821 inhabitants (2007). The least populous is Aparecida do Rio Doce with 2,702 inhabitants (2007).

The largest municipality in area is Mineiros with 9,096.4 km². The smallest is Aparecida do Rio Doce with 290 km².


The microregion consists of the following municipalities:[1]

Name Population (2007)
Aparecida do Rio Doce 2,702
Aporé 3,554
Caiapônia 15,747
Castelândia 3,530
Chapadão do Céu 5,289
Doverlândia 8,344
Jataí 81,972
Maurilândia 10,769
Mineiros 45,189
Montividiu 9,255
Palestina de Goiás 3,229
Perolândia 2,748
Portelândia 3,310
Rio Verde 149,382
Santa Helena de Goiás 35,027
Santa Rita do Araguaia 5,873
Santo Antônio da Barra 4,134
Serranópolis 7,333

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