Summer's Desire

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For the Chinese film, see Summer's Desire (film).
Summer's Desire
Summer's Desire-OST cover.jpg
Summer's Desire OST cover
Also known as 泡沫之夏
Pao Mo Zhi Xia
Genre Melodrama
Directed by Jiang Feng Hong (江豐宏), Zhang Bo Yu (張博昱)
Starring Barbie Shu
Peter Ho
Huang Xiao Ming
Opening theme "我記得我愛過" Wo Ji De Wo Ai Guo by Peter Ho
Ending theme "鑽石" Zhuan Shi (Diamond) by Barbie Shu
Country of origin Republic of China (Taiwan)
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 26
Producer(s) Peter Ho
Location(s) Taipei
Running time 60 mins (usual)
75 mins (episode 3)
30 mins (episode 21)
Production company(s) Three-Giant Production
Original network Formosa Television (FTV)
Original release 30 May (2010-05-30) – 29 August 2010 (2010-08-29)
Followed by Personal Preference
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FTV homepage
Three-Giant Production website

Summer's Desire (Chinese: 泡沫之夏; pinyin: Pao Mo Zhi Xia; literally: "Bubbles' Summer"), is a 2010 Taiwanese Drama starring Barbie Shu, Peter Ho and Huang Xiao Ming. It is based on the novel and manhua of the same name by Ming Xiao Xi (明曉溪). The drama was produced by Three-Giant Production with Peter Ho as producer.

The series was first broadcast in Taiwan on free-to-air Formosa Television (FTV) (民視) from 30 May 2010 to 29 August 2010, every Sunday at 22:00 to 23:30 and cable TV Gala Television (GTV) Variety Show/CH 28 (八大綜合台) on 6 June 2010 to 5 September 2010, every Sunday at 20:00 to 21:30.

The series was nominated for Best Marketing Programme of the Year at the 46th Golden Bell Awards in 2011.[1]


Main cast[edit]

Additional cast[edit]

  • Fu Pei Ci as Young Xia Mo
  • Wang Zheng Wei as Young Luo Xi
  • Chen Ling Zhen (陳令臻) as Young Ou Chen
  • Canti Lau as Xia Ying Bo 夏英柏
  • Patina Lin as Shen Qiang 沈薔
  • Ke Huan Ru as Pan Nan 潘楠
  • Maggie Wu as An Hui Ni 安卉妮
  • Yang Han (楊瀚) as Ling Hao 凌浩
  • Coco Jiang as Wei An 薇安
  • Liu Shu Ting (劉書婷) as Yao Shu Er 姚淑兒
  • Huang Yi as Luo Xi's mother
  • Chen Chen (晨辰) as Jie Ni 潔妮
  • Deng Ning (邓宁) as A Sen 阿森
  • Zhao Shun as Yin's father
  • Ying Cai Ling (應采靈) as Yin's mother
  • Zhang Ke Fan (張克帆) as Jam
  • Lin Mei Xiu as Cai Ni 采尼
  • Irene Xu as Fang Jin Hua 方錦華
  • Qi Wei (戚薇) as Ou Chen's fake girlfriend
  • Yue Yao Li as Ou Chen's grandfather
  • Blackie Chen as Host
  • Makiyo as Host
  • Gao Hui Jun (高慧君) as Luna 露娜


The story may revolve around summer's desire, but it is really a love triangle between three people colder than winter itself. Yin Xia Mo (Barbie Shu) a girl loved by two men. Luo Xi (Huang Xiao Ming) was an orphan who garnered fame and fortune with his infallible charisma. Even though others believed him to be kind and smart, he was really a cold, ruthless, and wicked man who manipulated others to get what he wanted. When he was introduced into Xia Mo's family, he fooled everyone with his sweet words-except for Xia Mo, who only saw the con artist in him. Ou Chen (Peter Ho) is a rich heir whom everyone feared, and was extremely overprotective of his high school girlfriend Yin Xia Mo. When he found out that Luo Xi was living with her, he became extremely jealous. This started a chain of events-as both boys were in love with Xia Mo, but their love for her was so all-consuming that they started a war to have her. Five years ago, Luo Xi lost and was sent away to England. Yet, Ou Chen didn't win as his action caused him to lose Xia Mo's favor and his own memory. Five years later, they met again. Would history repeat itself, and would the desires of summer enter their wintry hearts?


  • Opening theme song: "我記得我愛過" Wo Ji De Wo Ai Guo (I Remember I've Loved) by Peter Ho
  • Ending theme song: "鑽石" Zhuan Shi (Diamond) by Barbie Shu

Summer's Desire Original Soundtrack (泡沫之夏 電視原聲帶)[2]

Track listing[3]
  1. "我記得我愛過-鋼琴版" Wo Ji De Wo Ai Guo (I Remember I've Loved - piano version) - instrumental
  2. "我記得我愛過-宿命版" Wo Ji De Wo Ai Guo (I Remember I've Loved) - Peter Ho
  3. "鑽石" Zhuan Shi (Diamond) - Barbie Shu
  4. "黑貓與牛奶" (Black Cat and Milk) - Barbie Shu and Kris Shen (沈建宏)
  5. "泡沫美人魚" (Bubble Mermaid) - Barbie Shu
  6. "假面" (Masque) - Peter Ho
  7. "黑貓與牛奶" (Black Cat and Milk) - Huang Xiao Ming
  8. "我記得我愛過-輕快版" (I Remember I've Loved - tempo version) - instrumental
  9. "鑽石-鋼琴版" (Diamond - piano version) - instrumental
  10. "黑貓與牛奶-輕鬆版" (Black Cat and Milk - tempo version) - instrumental
  11. "泡沫美人魚-吉他版" (Bubble Mermaid - guitar version) - instrumental
  12. "假面-鋼琴版" (Masque - piano version) - instrumental
  13. "就是愛-輕快版" (This is Love - tempo version) - instrumental
  14. "我記得我愛過-悲傷版"(I Remember I've Loved - sad version) - instrumental
  15. "鑽石-輕快版" (Diamond - tempo version) - instrumental
  16. "黑貓與牛奶-孤獨版" (Black Cat and Milk - lonely version) - instrumental
  17. "泡沫美人魚-悲傷版" (Bubble Mermaid - sad version) - instrumental
  18. "假面-抒情版" (Masque - love version) - instrumental
  19. "鑽石-悲傷版" (Diamond - sad version) - instrumental

International Broadcast[edit]

In Japan the drama aired on cable channel DATV with Japanese subtitles from May 16 to October 31, 2011 for 24 episodes.[4]


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