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Tom Stephan
Background information
Born United States
Genres House
Occupation(s) Disc jockey, record producer
Years active 2001–present

Tom Stephan is a house music producer and DJ.



Superchumbo- Fire [Nervous Records] 2012

Superchumbo, Theo and Gabe Ramos- Ohh La La [Nervous Records] 2011

Superchumbo- The Revolution (remixes) [Twisted] 2011

Kris Di Angelis & Tom Stephan- Hot Mess [Southern Fried Records] 2011

DJ Chus & Tom Stephan- Tormenta [Juicy Recordings] 2011

Tom Stephan- Turn That Shit Up [Southern Fried Records] 2011

Tom Stephan- Turn Me On [Stealth Records] 2011

Tom Stephan- Everlasting [Stealth Records] 2011

Tom Stephan- Jerk It [Stealth Records] 2011

Tom Stephan & Per QX- The Music [ChumboMundo] 2009

Laidback Luke & Tom Stephan- Show [Stealth Recordings] 2008

Superchumbo- The Noise [ChumboMundo] 2008

Tom Stephan & Lex Da Funk- Shake It [ChumboMundo] 2008

Tom Stephan & Pete Gleadall vs Fierce Ruling Diva- Phreekn [Chumbomundo] 2008

Tom Stephan vs S-Man- Hold One Me [ChumboMundo/Ego Music IT] 2007

Tom Stephan & Martin Accorsi- Erupt [ChumboMundo/Nervous US] 2007

J5 Eaters- Frenzy [ChumboMundo] 2006

Superchumbo- Dog [ChumboMundo] 2006

Superchumbo- U Know I Love It [Twisted America] 2006

D Ramirez & Tom Stephan- Shake It Baby [Slave] 2006

Superchumbo- Wowie Zowie Album [Twisted America] 2005

Tom Stephan ft Katherine Elllis- Here I Come [ChumboMundo] 2005

Superchumbo- Fall Out [ChumboMundo] 2005

Superchumbo- Everything U [Twisted America] 2005

Superchumbo Featuring Celeda – Dirtyfilthy [Twisted America] 2004

Superchumbo- This Beat Is [Twisted America] 2003

Superchumbo- Irresistible [Twisted US/Loaded UK] 2002

Plastic Surge- Sonido/ Burbjua [Twisted] 2002

Superchumbo- The Revolution [Twisted America] 2001

Tom Stephan ft Gerideau- Believe in Love [Vision] VSNDJ4 2000

Superchumbo- Loop / I'm A Star [Twisted America] 1999

Superchumbo- Get This [Twisted] 1997

Shifty- Feel It [Downboy] 1997

Tracy & Sharon- Terrific/ Filthy Hetero [Flesh UK/Omnisonus FR] 1994


AuDio KoDe- Poppin Ain't No Stoppin (Tom Stephan Aka Superchumbo Remix) [Kinetika Records] 2012

Victoria Wilson-James vs Waterson- Deep In Vogue [Basquiat Beats] 2012

The Shoes- Wastin Time (Tom Stephan Remix) [Southern Fried Records] 2011

E.G. Fullalove- Didn't I Know (Superchumbo Mix) [Sound Groove] 2011

Blaktron- Cassette Deck (Tom Stephan Mix) [Get Down Recordings and various other labels] 2011

Tedd Patterson- Remote Control (Superchumbo Mix) [Nervous Records] 2011

Chad Jack- Gag On It (Superchumbo Mix) [Hammer Music] 2011

Leomeo-The Sound of C (Tom Stephan Mix) [Kult Records] 2011

Steelfish- Hot Like Fire (Tom Stephan Mix) [Juicy Recordings] 2011

DJ Duke- Blow Your Whistle (Tom Stephan Remix) [Power Music/ Sound Groove] 2010

Seductive- Take Control (Tom Stephan Mix) [Spinnin] 2010

Rusko- Hold On (Tom Stephan Mix) [Mad Decent] 2010

Rishi Romero- African Forest 2010 (Tom Stephan Mix) [Spinnin] 2010

Seductive- Rockin (Tom Stephan Mix) [Dim Mak] 2010

Bob Sinclar- New, New, New (Tom Stephan Mix) [D:Vision] 2010

Heavy Feet feat KOVAS We Came To Party (Tom Stephan remix) [Stamp! Beats] 2010

Honey Dijon- Walls Down (Tom Stephan Mix) [Nervous] 2010

Oscar G- What you Need (Tom Stephan Mix) [Nervous Records] 2010

Major Lazer- Keep It Going Louder (Tom Stephan Mixes) [Mad Decent/V2] 2010

Laidback Luke- My G.O.D. (Tom Stephan Mix) [Mixmash/Bitrate] 2010

The Transatlantins ft India- I Can’t Live Without Music (Tom Stephan Mix) [STEALTH] 2009

Pete Heller- Sabotage (Tom Stephan’s ChumboMundo Mix) [Bedrock] 2009

Pet Shop Boys- Up and Down (Tom Stephan Mixes) [Parlophone] 2009

Kristine W- Be Alright (Tom Stephan Mix) [FLY AGAIN] 2009

Ralph Falcon- Whateva (Tom Stephan works the whateva mix) [NERVOUS US] 2009

Mom & Dad- The Whole Sh-bang (Tom Stephan’s New Kick Mix) [DANR] 2009

Boy George-Yes We Can (Tom Stephan 12" mix) [Fontana] 2008

Mendo- Watermelon (Tom Stephan Mix) [Clarisse] 2008

NICK & DANNY CHATELAIN- London Acid (Tom Stephan Mix) [Uniforminflow] 2008

JENNIFER CARBONELL vs FRISCIA & LAMBOY- Broken Pieces (Tom Stephan Mix) [Nervous] 2008

Cyberpunkers- Breathless [MCGroove] 2007

Pet Shop Boys- Minimal (Superchumbo’s Light & Shade Dub) [EMI] 2006

Africanism- Hard (Superchumbo Thunder Mix) [Rise] 2006

Cubic- Superflyin (Superchumbo Mix) [Stereo Productions] 2006

John Shelvin & Astrid Suryanto- Inbetween (Superchumbo Leadhead Dub) [Shelvin Records] 2006

Roger Sanchez- Turn On The Music [Stealth] 2005

Hiroki Esashika- Kazane (Superchumbo Mix) [Intec] 2005

Robbie Rivera- One Eye Shut (Superchumbo iD Mix) [24 Seven] 2005

Lyszak- Dick For Brains (Superchumbo Re-werk) [Yellow Productions] 2005

Murk- Believe (Superchumbo Mix) [Tommy Boy] 2003

Roach Motel- Wild Luv (Superchumbo Roach Clip) [Junior Boy’s Own] 2003

Seal- Get It Together (Superchumbo Mixes) [Warner Bros] 2003

Pet Shop Boys- Sexy Northerner (Superchumbo Mixes) [Sanctuary Records] 2003

Peace Division- What Is This Sound (Tom Stephan Superchumbo Mixes) NRK 2003

Fierce Ruling Diva- You Gotta Believe (Superchumbo mixes) [React /Tommy Boy] 2002

Cyn- Fantasy/Reality [Star 69] 2002

Basement Jaxx- Get Me Off (Superchumbo 'Supergetoff' Remix) [XL] 2002

Missy Elliott - Get Ur Freak On (Superchumbo's Superfreakon Remix) [Elektra] 2002

Mooncat- Strong (Superchumbo Mix) [Low Pressings] 2002

Xpress-2 – Muzikizum (Tom Stephan Mixes) [Skint] 2002

Armand Van Helden- Why Can't U Free Some Time (Superchumbo's Vocode Mix) [FFRR] 2001

David James- (Always) A Permanent State (Tom Stephan's Superchumbo Mix) [Hooj] 2001

Menace- Sound Of The Floor (Superchumbo's Leadhead Dub) [Plastic Fantastic] 2001

Kylie- Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Superchumbo Mixes) [Parlophone] 2001

Flip Flop- In Stereo (Superchumbo Mixes) [Nervous] 2001

Deepswing- In The Music (Superchumbo's High Octane Mix) [Direction] 2001

Love Tattoo- Drop Some Drums (Superchumbo's Volta Mix) [MODA] 2001

Flip Flop Featuring Faith Trent - In Stereo (The Superchumbo Mixes) [Nervous Records] 2001

Darude- Sandstorm (Superchumbo's Sandy Sandstorm) [NEO] 2001

Tina Turner- When The Heartache Is Over (Superchumbo's Crystal Mix) [DMC] 2000

Pet Shop Boys- New York City Boy (Superchumbo Remixes) [EMI] 1999

Edyta Gorniak- One & One (Superchumbo Mix) [Virgin America] 1999

Maddkatt Courtship III- My Life Muzik (Superchumbo Mixes) [FFRR] 1999

The Creatures- Prettiest Thing (Superchumbo Waking Dream Mix) [Hydrogen Dukebox] 1999

Pauline Taylor- Come Down (Super Chumbo's Crash Mix) [Cheeky] 1999

Funky Green Dogs- Until The Day (Superchumbo Saves The Day) [Twisted America] 1998

Dollshead- It’s Over, It’s Under [Twisted America] 1997

Neneh Cherry- Feel It (Tracy & Sharon Mix) [Hut] 1997

Neneh Cherry- Kootchi (Koo Vocal) [Hut] 1996

Pet Shop Boys- Paninaro ’95 (Tracy & Sharon Mixes) [Parlophone] 1995

Tom Jones- Love Is On Our Side (Tracy & Sharon’s Dubba Love) [East West] 1994


Nervous Nitelife [Nervous Records] 2009

Asseteria- Live from NYC [Nervous Records] 2008

Let’s Go Chumbo [ChumboMundo] 2006

Roger Sanchez / Tom Stephan - Afterdark Vol.1 [Stealth] 2005

Nite:Life 018 - These Beats Are... [NRK] 2004

Superchumbo- Get the Lead Out! [Twisted] 2002

Superchumbo- Leadhead [Loaded] 2002

Soundworx- Session Two [Soundworx UK] 2001

Drag Addict [Hut Recordings] 1996

Just a Drag…Queen [Omnisonus FR] 1995


Kevin Aviance- Join In The Chant [Wave] 1999


Robbie Williams- There Are Bad Times Just Around The Corner [KALA] 1999


Rufus Wainwright – Tiergarten [Geffen] 2007

Pet Shop Boys- Screaming (keyboards) Psycho Motion Picture Soundtrack [Geffen] 1998

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