Supermarket Pink

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Supermarket Pink
Pink Panther series
Directed by Brad Case
Produced by David H. DePatie
Friz Freleng
Music by Steve DePatie
Animation by Warren Batchelder
Bob Richardson
Bob Kirk
Bill Hutten
Backgrounds by Richard H. Thomas
Distributed by United Artists
Release date(s) December 31, 1978
Color process Deluxe
Running time 6 minutes
Language English
Preceded by Pink Suds

Supermarket Pink is the 124th cartoon produced in the Pink Panther series. A total of 124 6-minute cartoons were produced between December 18, 1964 to December 31, 1978.


Pink Panther becomes hungry and rushes down to the kitchen, only to find no food. Pink then goes to the supermarket, gets in after some trouble with the automatic door, and collides with the employer. He runs from the employer who jumps and ultimately and crashes into a pile of cans. After, he picks the cans up, Pink removes some from the pile, causing it collapse again.

While the employer is picking up the cans, the Pink Panther runs into a food test, where the salesman tells him to drink Cups "A" and "B". Pink, wanting to be on television and steal the spotlight, then makes funny faces at the camera so the cameraman gets mad and grabs the panther's tail. Then, the Pink Panther finally chooses to sample the two cups. After he's finished sampling, the salesman attempts to make Pink say that Cup "B" is better than "A". Pink disagrees, saying that cup "A" is better, and causes the man to become furious. The salesman fights with the Pink Panther. The employer passes by, and when seeing the fight, he jumps into the fight.

The Pink Panther manages to get out of the fight and resumes shopping, getting pinched on the tail by a live lobster. Furiously, he throws the lobster, which lands in the employer's hat. The employer puts on the hat, and then gets pinched on the head. After getting pinched, the lobster flies out and lands in the boss's hat, when he walks to the employer after getting pinched himself.

Pink passes by with a shopping cart and pushes the employer into the cart, then pushes it, causing it to start rolling down the supermarket. The shopping cart goes outside of the supermarket and crashes. After that the Pink Panther has to pay for the things he intends to buy. He finds out he has no money and, the clerk, furious, calls the employer, so the employer throws the food at the Pink Panther and who gets away and goes home...with the food, after it has all been thrown out the door at him. Then, after realizing he was had once again, the employer pushes a button on the register, causing the register to print "No Sale".