Surveillance and Target Acquisition

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For Artillery STA, see below

Surveillance and target acquisition is a military role assigned to units and/or their equipment. It involves watching an area to see what changes (surveillance) and then the acquisition of targets based on that information.

Artillery STA[edit]

The role of STA artillery is to locate, track, assess and where appropriate cue the attack of hostile artillery, mortars, units and formation.

It provides commanders with surveillance and targeting information across the battle space and is always linked by a robust command-and-control (C2) system to offensive support (OS) systems.

Special Observer Badge, worn by Soldiers of the HAC or 4/73 Battery RA who have passed STA Patrol Training and successfully completed a probationary period


British Army[edit]

Regular army[edit]

Territorial Army[edit]

German Army Artillerietruppe[edit]

Royal Australian Artillery[edit]

Italian Army[edit]

01.09.2004 - today

  • Com.F.O.Ter. Comando delle Forze Operative Terrestri (Verona)
    • Co.T.I.E. Comando Trasmissioni ed Informazioni dell'Esercito (Anzio - Caserma “Santa Barbara”)
      • Brg.R.I.S.T.A.-I.E.W. Brigata Reconnaissance, Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition – Intelligence and Electronic Warfare (Anzio - Caserma “Santa Barbara”)
        • 41° Rgt.A.Ter.Sor.A.O. Reggimento Artiglieria Terrestre Sorveglianza ed Aquisizione Obiettivi (Casarsa della Delizia - Caserma “Trieste”)
          • 2° Gr.Sor.A.O. Gruppo Sorveglianza ed Aquisizione Obiettivi (Sora - Caserma “Simone Simoni”)
            • B.A.T. Batteria Aerei Teleguidati


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