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In this Japanese name, the family name is Suzuki.
Miekichi Suzuki
Memorial of Miekichi Suzuki in Hiroshima

Miekichi Suzuki (鈴木 三重吉 Suzuki Miekichi?, September 29, 1882–June 27, 1936) was a Japanese novelist.


Suzuki was born in Hiroshima. He studied English literature at Tokyo Imperial University (now the University of Tokyo), and later launched a children's literature magazine called 赤い鳥 (Akai tori / Red Bird) in 1918. 196 issues were published.

Major works[edit]

Suzuki's major works include:

  • 古事記物語 (Kojiki monogatari / The tale of Kojiki)
  • 大震火災記 (Daishin kasai ki / A record of the great earthquake and fire)
  • ぶくぶく長々火の目小僧 (Bukubuku naganaga hinome kozou / Expanding, growing fire-eyed boy)

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