Swaminarayan Mantra

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The Swaminarayan Mantra is the main mantra of the Swaminarayan sect. The word "Swaminarayan" is repeated by adherents of the faith when praying, classifying it as a mantra.[1]


On 31 December 1801, a fortnight after the death of his guru, Ramanand Swami, Swaminarayan (then known as Sahajanand Swami) held a gathering in Fareni.[2][3] It was there that he explained the meaning of Swaminarayan. It was there he announced that whoever chanted the name Swaminarayan with love and faith, would be able to realize his objective. Along with the idea that the Swaminarayan Mantra is the most powerful mantra in existence. With it the bondages of kal, karma and maya no longer affect His devotee. The poison of a snake becomes ineffective and god eternally resides within the heart of the devotee who chants his mantra. It is believed that whoever chants this mantra will also be redeemed of material desires.[4]