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The Swing Wing is a toy, similar to the Hula Hoop, worn on the head and twirled by moving the neck and/or body in a back and forth motion. It was developed by Transogram Games and introduced in 1965.

The toy has received recent notoriety appearing on Fox News Channel's late night show Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld on May 22, 2008 (May 21 for PDT)[citation needed], G4's Attack of the Show!, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and the Adult Swim game, Jazzpunk[1] as well as The Gruen Transfer[2] and Good Mythical Morning.


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Video of Swing Wing Commercial, Public Domain, Prelinger Archives.

The swing wing appeared in a game called Jazzpunk in where you go to a theater and watch a commercial that is similar to the swing wing ,