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Platform Symphony
Developer(s) Platform Computing
Stable release
5.1 / April 2011 [1]
Written in Java
Operating system Linux, Solaris, Microsoft Windows, AIX
Available in C++, Java, .NET
Type High-performance computing
License Proprietary

Platform Symphony is a High-performance computing (HPC) software system developed by Platform Computing, the company that developed Load Sharing Facility (LSF). Focusing on financial services,[2] Symphony is designed to deliver scalability and enhances performance for compute-intensive risk and analytical applications.[3] The product lets users run applications using distributed computing.[4]

Version 4.0, Platform included a developer edition with no restrictions or time limits.[5] Symphony Developer Edition is a free high-performance computing (HPC) and grid computing software development kit and middleware.[6] It has been described as "the first and only solution tailored for developing and testing Grid-ready service-oriented architecture applications".[7]


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