Symphony Lake (Singapore)

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Symphony Lake
Singapore Botanic Gardens, Symphony Lake 4, Sep 06.JPG
The Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage on the lake
Location Singapore Botanic Gardens
Coordinates 1°18′51″N 103°48′53″E / 1.31417°N 103.81472°E / 1.31417; 103.81472Coordinates: 1°18′51″N 103°48′53″E / 1.31417°N 103.81472°E / 1.31417; 103.81472
Type artificial lake
Basin countries Singapore

Symphony Lake is a lake in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore. An artificial lake, it features a large stage known as the Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage built on an islet in the middle of the water body. The stage is most known as the venue for the Singapore Symphony Orchestra's monthly SSO in the Park open-concept concerts, hence giving the lake its name.

Symphony Lake is located in the Central Core of Singapore Botanic Gardens.

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