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Tøyen Manor
A section of the botanical garden
Bellevue in Tøyenparken. Photo by Helge Høifødt

Tøyen Park (Norwegian: Tøyenparken) is a park in Oslo, Norway. It is located behind the Munch Museum and includes the University of Oslo Botanical Gardens. The botanical Gardens is home to both the Geological and Zoological museums.

Tøyen Manor[edit]

The Tøyen estate is rich in history, and the main wing is probably the oldest wooden building in greater Oslo. The estate belonged to the Nonneseter Convent in the Middle Ages. Chancellor Jens Bjelke was granted Tøyen as a peerage estate about 1640. Today the historic Tøyen Manor houses temporary exhibitions and a café for staff and visitors.

Botanical Garden[edit]

The University Botanical Garden (Oslo), founded in 1814, belongs to the Natural History Museum of the University of Oslo. Through research, education and plant conservation, the garden seeks to increase public awareness of the importance of plant diversity. The plant collections contain approx. 7500 species. The University of Oslo's oldest building, the Tøyen Manor which was given as a gift in 1812, is located in the garden.

Natural History Museum[edit]

The Natural History Museum at the University of Oslo is Norway's most comprehensive natural history collection. A selection of specimens are on display for the general public, in the Geological Museum and the Zoological Museum. The Natural History Museum in Oslo is where you can see the famous fossil known as "Ida", the oldest primate fossil known and the most complete fossil of an early primate. She was bought by the museum in 2007, and presented to the world in 2009.

Tøyenbadet Water Park[edit]

Tøyenbadet water park features a swimming hall and several open-air pools along with a waterslide and sauna. There is an indoor climbing wall. Small children have their own pool. The outdoor pool is open year-round. The park provides a dressing area and shower facilities. A small cafe serves refreshments. It is located at Helgesensgate 90.


Coordinates: 59°55′03″N 10°46′39″E / 59.91750°N 10.77750°E / 59.91750; 10.77750