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T43 may refer to:

  • T43 class minesweeper, a Soviet-designed minesweeper constructed in the Soviet Union, Poland, and the People's Republic of China in the 1950s and 1960s
  • T-43 tank, a World War II Soviet tank
  • Boeing T-43, a 1973 United States Air Force military training and transport aircraft
  • Cooper T43, a 1958 racing car
  • SJ T43, a 1963 Swedish diesel-electric locomotive
  • Slingsby T.43 Skylark 3, a model of the Slingsby Skylark glider
  • T43, a model of the IBM ThinkPad laptop computer
  • T43, an ICD-10 code for "poisoning by psychotropic drugs, not elsewhere classified"
  • T.43, a 2003 dance performance by Wilma Mehtonen and Lackluster
  • T43, a disabled sports handicap class for leg amputees