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Origin Japan
Genres Pop rock
Years active 1990–1999, 2012-2014, 2017-
Labels Rock It Records (1991–1992)
Zain Records (1992–1999)
Website www.being.co.jp/t-bolan
Members Arashi Moritomo
Kazuyoshi Aoki
Takeshi Gomi
Hirofumi Ueno

T-Bolan was a Japanese rock band which debuted in 1991. Its members were vocal Arashi Moritomo, drummer Kazuyoshi Aoki, guitarist Takeshi Gomi, and bassist Hirofumi Ueno. The name of this band was inspired by T. Rex and its vocalist Marc Bolan.[1]

The band was formed in 1990. Their 1991 song "Hanashitaku wa Nai" (lit. "I do not want to release you") became a hit song in the cable broadcast.[2] After this success, the band released several hit songs and albums. Their 1993 song "Osaekirenai Kono Kimochi" (lit. "Inextinguishable This Heart") was used for the ending theme of Ichigo Hakusho (in which then-unknown Namie Amuro played a role). The single reached number 1 on the Japanese Oricon weekly charts, becoming their first number-one single. However, Moritomo suffered throat problems so his doctor advised that he should give up singing. Despite this, he was forced to perform a live concert on March 26, 1995. It became their final concert. After a long hiatus, the band officially disbanded in December 1999 and it was not until around 2010 that Moritomo finally regained his voice, he then began a solo career. After hearing fans wishing for the group to reform however, Moritomo and the rest of T-Bolan agreed to reunite in late 2012 and are set to go on a nationwide tour of 16 cities beginning in October 2012.


  • Arashi Morimoto (森友嵐士)-vocalist, lyricist,composer,arranger
  • Takashi Gomi (五味孝氏)-guitarist,composer,arranger
  • Hirofumi Ueno (上野博文)-bassist,arranger
  • Kazuyoshi Aoki (青木和義)-drummer, leader,arranger



Release Day Romaji title Japanese title Peak
1st 10 July 1991 Kanashimi ga Itai yo 悲しみが痛いよ 46
2nd 18 December 1991 Hanashitakuwanai 離したくはない 15
3rd 26 February 1992 Just Illusion 22
4th 27 May 1992 Sayonara kara Hajimeyou サヨナラから始めよう 13
5th 22 September 1992 Jirettai Ai じれったい愛 2
6th 18 November 1992 Bye for Now 2
7th 10 February 1993 Osaekirenai Kono Kimochi おさえきれない この気持ち 1
8th 10 March 1993 Surechigai no Junjou すれ違いの純情 2
9th 16 June 1993 Setsunasa wo Keseyashinai/Kizu darake wo Dakishimete 刹那さを消せやしない/傷だらけを抱きしめて 1
10th 10 November 1993 Wagamama ni Dakiaetanara わがままに抱き合えたなら 3
11th 11 May 1994 Love 3
12th 5 September 1994 Maria 3
13th 28 August 1995 Shake It 4
14th 20 November 1995 Ai no Tame ni Ai no Naka de 愛のために 愛の中で 2
15th 25 March 1996 Be Myself/Heart of Gold 1996 10
16th 26 November 1998 Jirettai Ai '98 じれったい愛 '98 26

Studio Albums[edit]

Release Day Title Peak
1st 21 November 1991 T-Bolan 19
2nd 22 April 1992 Baby Blue 4
3rd 11 November 1992 So Bad 3
4th 26 May 1993 Heart of Stone 1
5th 8 December 1993 Looz 2

Compilation Albums[edit]

Release Day Romaji Title Japanese Title Peak
1st 22 September 1992 Natsu no Owari ni: Acoustic Version 夏の終わりに 〜Acoustic Version〜 2
2nd 6 August 1994 Natsu no Owari ni II: Lookin' for the Eighth Color of the Rainbow 夏の終わりにII 〜Lookin' for the eighth color of the rainbow〜 4

Best Albums[edit]

Release Day Title Peak
1st 8 August 1996 Singles 1
2nd 12 December 1996 Ballads 6
4th 25 July 2002 complete of T-BOLAN at the BEING studio 88
5th 12 December 2007 BEST OF BEST 1000 T-BOLAN 42
6th 27 May 2008 T-BOLAN BEST HITS X
7th 24 March 2010 LEGENDS 32


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