T. B. Dissanayake

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Tikiri Banda (T.B.) Dissanayake PC
T. B. Dissanayake.jpg
Born 17 July 1908
Kandy Sri Lanka
Nationality Sri Lanka Sri Lankan
Education Dharmaraja College, Kandy
Nalanda College Colombo

Tikiri Banda (T.B.) Dissanayake PC entered the Ceylon University College and obtained a BA degree from the London University in 1930 having read Latin, Sinhala, History and Philosophy. He attended Dharmaraja College and Nalanda College, Colombo.

After graduating, Dissanayake spent nearly a decade as a teacher at his alma mater Nalanda College Colombo. Later, he entered the Ceylon Law College and was admitted as an advocate of Your Lordship's Court in 1942.

Dissanayake also served as a Commissioner of Assize for a short period in 1969-70.