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IndustryBusiness Intelligence
FoundedMay 1986
Area served
Key people
Leif Vestergaard;(CEO)
Jesper Froelund;(CFO & HR Director)
Revenue$ 21 million (2012) [1]
Number of employees
75 (2014)
SubsidiariesTARGIT US Inc.

TARGIT A/S is a Danish business intelligence (BI) and analytics software developer based in Aalborg, Denmark, with American subsidiary TARGIT US Inc., based in Tampa and Boston, as well as distribution offices in more than 12 countries worldwide. TARGIT is Denmark's largest developer of business intelligence and analytics software, and is also Denmark's leading business software vendor.[2] TARGIT's chief product is the TARGIT Decision Suite, which has been cited as one of the industry's easiest-to-use tools for business intelligence and analytics.[3][4]


TARGIT was founded in May 1986 by Morten Sandlykke who served as CEO until February 2, 2017 where the company was acquired by GRO Capital. The company HQ was until 2018 located in Hjørring, Denmark.

Before venturing into the Business Intelligence-market the company provided software to retail and oil businesses, but then adjusted its scope to accommodate clients' need for analytical processing tools.[2]

In 1996, TARGIT acquired Morton Systems, which was led by Dr. Morten Middelfart. Following the acquisition, Middelfart became TARGIT's CTO and the company began developing business intelligence tools.[5] The Decision Suite (formerly BI Suite) is the culmination of those efforts, and is targeted in part to businesses using Microsoft Dynamics ERP software solutions.[2][6]

According to independent IT analyst firm Gartner, TARGIT is one business intelligence platform vendor with a vision of consumerizing BI and analytics, as evidenced by the company's focus on ease of use, cross-department deployments, and mobile device compatibility.[7] TARGIT is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.[8][9]

Decision Suite[edit]

The first version of TARGIT's business intelligence technology dates back to 1996, when TARGIT acquired Morton Systems. The newly appointed CTO, Morten Middelfart, developed TARGIT's Decision Suite around the concept of the OODA Decision Loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act) and his own CALM philosophy (Computer Aided Leadership & Management).[10] The combination directed the Decision Suite to focus on allowing users to retrieve reports and analyses with as few user interactions as possible. This focus earned the Decision Suite a consistent place in Gartner's Magic Quadrant ranking.[7] CALM and the OODA Loop continue to play a role in the product's development.[11]

TARGIT's software has been well received by users of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX for its ease of use and rapid implementation processes.[12]

The technological underpinnings of TARGIT's Decision Suite have been awarded several US patents for developments in usability, including natural language processing, data visualization techniques, and database retrieval processes.[13][14][15][16][17][18][19] TARGIT's latest developments are in the direction of Big Data, integrating third-party technologies to allow customers to create analyses and reports based on very large data sets.[20]

TARGIT has also made free licenses for Decision Suite available to students and researchers at academic institutions.[21]

TARGIT announced that they're launching new Decision Suite 2017 which offers a universal analytics solution along with an in-memory database and a developer tool set Consulting of TARGIT InMemory ETL Studio and a scheduling component.[22]

Awards & Recognition[edit]

TARGIT has been the recipient of numerous awards, including consecutive IT Innovation Awards. TARGIT has also been named by Gartner as a "Niche Player" in their 2013 and 2014 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms.[7][12]</ref>[23][24]

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