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Launched September 1, 1997
Country France

Groupe TF1 1 quai du Point du Jour

92100 Boulogne-Billancourt
Formerly called TF! Jeunesse (1997-2007)

TF! Jeunesse (TF! Youth) is a French children's television program. It was launched on September 1, 1997, replacing Club Dorothée. The program was renamed TFOU in 2007.

TF! Jeunesse first appeared on Monday, September 1, 1997 at 4:30 in the afternoon on TF1, with the first episode of Beetleborgs. TF! Jeunesse was created by Dominique Poussier, the director of children's television for TF1. It was hoped that this new show would distance itself from its predecessor, whose shows had often been accused by parents and the Conseil supérieur de l'audiovisuel (the Superior Audiovisual Council) of being too violent. Poussier had previously created the morning program Salut les Toons! ("Hello Toons!"), which was presented by two CGI-generated mice, in 1996. In September 1997, she was given the difficult task of revitalizing children's programming on TF1, whose ratings had been in decline thanks to the popularity of Minikeums on France 3.

Using the same model which she had already presented with The Planet of Donkey Kong on France 2, Poussier suggested a program without animation. "T. F. Ouais" was chosen as the title for the program. The logo had been that of a defunct channel. An adult voice was the presenter of the show (Bruno Choël, the French dub voice for Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean and Ewan McGregor in Star Wars).

Interactivity with the young audience was exercised again in special operations like those organized for the presidential elections of 2007 where children were interviewed on the subject.

TFOU was praised by the Foundation for Children for its activity on tolerance Parce qu'on est tous différents (Because we are all different") (Directors: Nicolas Sedel, Franck Salomé et Fernando Worcel).

Main series[edit]