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TS O’Rourke (born 1968) is an Irish author.

T.S. O'Rourke
Born (1968-01-20) 20 January 1968 (age 50)
Republic of Ireland Dublin, Republic of Ireland

His novels include:

  • Ganglands (Breffni Books, 1996; Breffni eBooks 2010).)
  • Death Call (A Carroll & Grant Mystery) (Breffni Books, 1997; Breffni eBooks 2010).
  • The Republican - An Irish Civil War Story (Killynon House Books, 2006; Breffni eBooks, 2010).
  • Damned Nation (A Carroll & Grant Mystery) (Breffni eBooks, 2010).
  • The Carroll & Grant Collection (Breffni eBooks, 2010).
  • Killing a Friend (Breffni eBooks, 2010).
  • The Libertine - a picaresque novel (Breffni eBooks, 2011).

His short fiction includes:

  • Why I Kill (The Confession of a Serial Killer) (Breffni eBooks, 2010).
  • Candy Says Kill: A Shot of Modern Noir (Breffni eBooks, 2011).
  • Sunset Strip: A Shot of Modern Noir (Breffni eBooks 2011).
  • Off The Edge: an anthology of Irish writing (Killynon House Books, 2006).


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