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Maulānā Sayyid Taj Mahmūd Amrōtī (Sindhi: مولانا سيد تاج محمود امروٽي‎, Urdu: مولانا سید تاج محمود امروٹی‎) (born in Deewani village, Khairpur, Sindh, 1857; died 1929) was a scholar, fighter against British control of India, and educationalist, He led the movement of "Reshmi Roomal" & "Hijrat Movement" to Afghanistan. Maolana Sayyid Taj Mahmood Amroti helped Khilafat Movement of Turkish Khilafat / Khalifah by sending financial help and troops of his followers, force named as Junood-e-Rabbani i.e. the Forces of Allah..[1][2]

He translated the Qurʾān into Sindhi, gave lectures, wrote books of poetry, and edited the monthly journal Ikhwān-ul-Muslimīn. A proponent of the non-cooperation movement in India, he was a leader of the Khilafat Movement and a founding member of Jamʿiyyat-i ʿUlamā-i Hind. [3]


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