Take Off!

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This article is about the board game. For other uses, see Take off.
Take Off!
Players 2-6
Age range 6+
Setup time 5-10 min.
Playing time 60+ minutes
Skill(s) required Geography, history

Take Off! is a board game designed to teach geography, first released in 1988. The game is developed by Resource Games.

Game play[edit]

The game uses cards with blue cards representing the Western hemisphere and brown ones representing the Eastern hemisphere. Players use 8-sided dice with which to move their planes along colored lines depicted on the map, moving along lines that match the colors showing on the dice rolled. The dice also features a wild "Jet Facet" side, allowing a player to ride on any line regardless of color. A "Take Off!" face showing on the dice means a player draws a card and must move one of their planes to a country shown on the card. The players goal is to move from Hawaii all the way from the Eastern world to the Western world (or reverse).

15th anniversary[edit]

In 2002-2003, various board games have been produced that have been updated for the early 2000s period.[1]

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