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ITU Discrepancies[edit]

See my entry on the Talk page for the 200's for the link to the COFETEL/ITU document.

Quesería, Col., here as 312, ITU shows 318
Coquimatlán, Col., here 312, ITU 313
Cofradía de Suchitlán, Col., here 312, ITU 318
Cuauhtémoc, Col., here 312, ITU 318
La Higuera, Jal., here 312, ITU 318
Pihuamo, Jal., here 312, ITU 318
Tonila, Jal., here 312, ITU 318
(note: all towns shown in the ITU document as 318, show here as 312.)
Gómez Farías, Jal., here 341, ITU 342
Venustiano Carranza, Jal., here (missing), ITU 343
Pajarearán, Mich., here 353; ITU shows Pajacuarán, Mich. in 353
Zapoltitic, Jal., here (missing), ITU shows 358
Zapotiltic, jal., here 341, ITU (missing)
Numerán, Mich., here 359, ITU Numarán 379
Penjamillo, Mich, here 359, ITU 379
Zinaparo, Mich, here 359, ITU 379
San Miguel Cuyutlán, Jal., here missing, ITU 379
Santa Cruz de las Flores, Jal., here missing, ITU 379
Tlajomulco, Jal., here missing, ITU 379
(note: 379 entirely missing here)

I did not change any of these listings on the page, pending corroboration/resolution. Lincmad (talk) 10:06, 20 March 2010 (UTC)