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Some comments in "Potential setbacks" are not appropriate. First U10 has 2GB version. And it also assumes that flash player is "the smaller end", which is not correct. U10 will let people have a new impression about flash player. Actually, iRiver has more than 50% market share in Korea. People can love flash player because of some merits compared to hdd player, such as long battery life, smaller size, etc. iPod nano can also prove this. iPod nano has replaced iPod mini which is a hdd player. This tells us flash player can also compete with hdd player well.

Hardware Required: I read some user reviews (on cnet). Seems this isn't a problem. Users can connect it to computer without dock.

Then the only problem is the price.

Previous comments largely correct.[edit]

The 'dock' is little more than a glorified USB cable with a couple of audio sockets in the back: the device comes with another USB cable and is fully usable with both.

Creating Playlists[edit]

An interesting to have information for Unix people might be the existence of an opensource project for managing the playlist format supported by the U10 ( The project is still alpha, but seems to be capable of playlist creation after music files have been put onto the U10 via USB.


mencoder/ffmpeg libavcodec command line suggestions that I changed[edit]

I recently made some changes to the suggested commandlines. In my experience, most mencoder lavcopts are copied and re-copied from some ancient, poorly written guide that has probably dissolved into the mists of time. Everyone keeps copying these options without having any idea what they actually mean, or whether they are a good idea (they aren't). Consequently, with only one exception, all the mencoder guides out there range in quality from "shitty" to "terrible". The only knowledgably written online mencoder guide I know of is mplayer's official html guide. -lavcopts vhq is always lower quality and often slower than -lavcopts mbd=2; therefore, you should use mbd=2:trell:cbp (etc) for slower, higher quality encodes, and mbd=0 for fast encodes. vhq is the same as mbd=1, which is sort of deprecated, since it doesn't provide a useful speed/quality tradeoff. In short, it sucks.

Now, as for the vqscale stuff. First of all, the old text said that specifying vqscale is a reasonable way to control bitrate. In fact, specifying vqscale is relinquishing control of bitrate, since constant qp is mutually exclusive with ratecontrol. Worse, if you are using constant qp, there is absolutely no mechanism for preventing vbv buffer overflow on the decoding side... no wonder the guide kept complaining about choppy video. Other details: the guide's use of "vqmin=3" was rendered completely null and void by the use of vqscale (plus I don't see a strong reason to recommend it in any case); and, the second pass of a two-pass encode is incompatible with constant qp, since the very concept of combining the two makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

BTW it would be nice if someone could either find out the true coded picture buffer size of the U10, or experiment with different bitrates/buffer sizes and get an idea of what works. The default buffer size with ffmpeg and mencoder/lavc is actually proportional to bitrate, so it varies. If you want to experiment with this, try the vbv_buf_size option in mencoder or the -bufsize option in ffmpeg. Snacky 00:46, 20 September 2006 (UTC)

Possible rename?[edit]

It appears that U10 is no longer listed at and Clix more or less was a replacement / rebranding / renaming of U10. So, should this article be renamed to iriver U10 and iriver Clix? —Tokek 12:53, 12 January 2007 (UTC)

ffmpeg example doesn't work[edit]

I have an iriver U10, and I tried to use ffmpeg to create a video using the set of options listed in the 4:3 example on this page -- the video would not play on my U10. So far, I have yet to find a working set of options, so I haven't edited the page to fix the example. (Maybe I should search the history of this page to see if there are older versions of that example command that might work?)

Deven 16:39, 14 February 2007 (UTC)

Supported file formats?[edit]

What formats are supported ? The official page is not very informative either.

--Xerces8 08:34, 13 April 2007 (UTC)


Could this wiki be more than a how-to page about the Clix? -- 07:04, 28 April 2007 (UTC)