Tanzeem Nasle Nau Hazara Mughal

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Tanzeem Nasle Nau Hazara Mughal
Tanzeem School.JPG
Formation 1965
Type Welfare Organization
Headquarters Quetta, Pakistan
Official language
Leader Shoukat Changazi



Tanzeem Nasle Nau Hazara Mughal is a welfare organization based in Quetta, Pakistan working for the welfare of Hazara people since 1965.[1]


Tanzeem as a social organization providing education. Tanzeem commits itself to carryout all these activities through its NGO-based struggle without any discrimination of cast, creed, colors and religion.

In 1965, a group of Hazara youth started their efforts to establish a community-based organization, with its office set in a small rented room. With the passage of time

  1. 1965 Beginning of struggle by laying foundation through sports activity, literacy classes for illiterate, adult and children.
  2. 1971 Registration of Tanzeem e Nasle Nau Hazara Mughal under the societies Act XXI of 1860
  3. 1985 Establishment of formal school by the name of Tameer Nasle Nau High School.
  4. 1990 English language center for girls and boys
  5. 1997 Tanzeem Welfare Society registered under voluntary social welfare agencies ordinance 1961(XLVI of 1961)

Founder's message[edit]

Shoukat Changazi , Chairman and founder of Tanzeem

There is no doubt that in the history of Hazarajat Tanzeem-e-Nasle Nau Hazara Mughal has established for itself the status of the only pioneer National Organization of the Hazara people commencing its existence in 1965. It was our firm commitment with strong belief to get at our ultimate goal through the strategic objectives based on our prime move toward sustainable activity, that was untiring struggle for educational and social uplift amongst our people. The outlook for that very basic needs have brought about viable self-reliance evolving social change for accomplishing recognition of our cultural and ethnic identity which progressively led to the courageous resistance carried out by Baba Mazari during the inflicting war in Kabul.
The track record of our achievements in every walk of life manifest our dynamic future vision desiring our just share for the global peace through social justice.
I have strong belief in my this motto that if you really desire to know your own value find it in the scale of services you have done to others and this is the true path to making history having the only meaning for humankind.
I therefore earnestly urge my respectful people to have your share in our this belief by joining us hand in hand to value your life for your coming generation.