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This article is about the Christian vanity press. For other publishers with the same name, see Tate Publishing.

Tate Publishing & Enterprises, LLC is a Christian publisher that prints books of all types. In general, it operates on the vanity press model in which most authors pay for the publication of their books.[1][2] Its publishing charges may be refunded for books with sufficient sales volumes.[3] The company was founded by Richard and Rita Tate and is located in Mustang, Oklahoma. The company also runs the Tate Music Group record label.[4] As of 2009, the company had doubled its operations since 2007.[4]

In May 2012, 25 employees, out of over 200, were fired. According to the company president, this was a disciplinary action rather than a layoff, in response to employee leaks of confidential information related to rumors that the company would be outsourcing its operations to the Philippines.[5][6]


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