Suiyuan Offensive

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Suiyuan Offensive
Part of the Soviet-Japanese border conflicts
Date March 1936
Location Tauran, Mongolia
Result Japanese Victory
 Mongolia  Empire of Japan

In Oct 1936, a coalition of the 7th and 8th Mongolian Divisions, troops of the Mongolian Military Government (a Japanese-backed puppet government in Inner Mongolia), Jehol Mongols, Chahar Mongols, and other Mongolian mercenaries totaling over 9,000 men invaded China, waged on by 20 to 30 Japanese advisors. Japan also contributed 30 armored cars and light tanks, field artillery pieces, and some ground crew for the few aircraft that the Mongolians fielded. The first major clash with the Chinese took place on 14 Nov at Hongor, where the two sides fought at a costly standstill for several days. On 17 Nov, however, the Chinese mounted a surprising counterattack, which drove the Mongolian troops back to Pai-ling-miao. A follow-up flanking movement by General Fu Zuoyi's Chinese troops captured Pai-ling-miao, taking 300 Mongolians prisoner and ending the Mongolian offensive.

Though the Suiyuan offensive was a failure, troops of the Mongolian Military Government (renamed Mengjiang in 1937) continued to harass China throughout the Second Sino-Japanese War under Japanese urging.