Temperature's Rising

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Temperature's Rising
Compilation album by Loverboy
Released 1995
Genre Rock
Length 46:23
Label Sony Music, Columbia
Producer Bruce Fairbairn
Loverboy chronology
Loverboy Classics
(1994)Loverboy Classics1994
Temperature's Rising
Super Hits
(1997)Super Hits1997

Temperature's Rising is a compilation album released in 1995 by the Canadian rock band Loverboy. The album was the third compilation by the band, but this particular compilation aimed at the more rarely heard songs by the band, and the minor hits that the previous compilations did not cover.

Track listing[edit]

Track Title Composer(s) Length Original Album
01 "When It's Over" (Dean/Reno) 5:08 Get Lucky
02 "Too Much Too Soon" (Dean/Sigerson/Wray) 4:07 Lovin' Every Minute Of It
03 "Prissy Prissy" (Dean/Frenette) 4:20 Loverboy
04 "Queen of the Broken Hearts" (Dean/Reno) 3:50 Keep It Up
05 "Strike Zone" (Dean/Fairbairn/Reno/Smith) 6:04 Keep It Up
06 "This Could Be the Night" (Cain/Dean/Reno/Wray) 5:00 Lovin' Every Minute Of It
07 "Emotional" (Dean) 4:52 Get Lucky
08 "Teenage Overdose" (Dean/Johnson/Reno) 4:16 Loverboy
09 "It's Never Easy" (Dean/Johnson/Reno) 4:07 Keep It Up
10 "Gangs in the Street" (Dean/Reno) 4:33 Get Lucky