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This is a template for PetScan (formerly CatScan)

PetScan searches categories recursively. It will find subcategories that overlap with other categories, templates, etc.


 | cat       =
 | catdepth  = (optional, defaults to 1)
 | cat2      = (optional)
 | cat2depth = (optional, defaults to catdepth/1)
 | templates = (optional)
 | linktext  =
 | note      = (optional, when used limits width to 250px for text wrapping)
 | type      = (optional. See below)

Type options[edit]

  • plain - makes the template into a plain text link instead of the boxed version.
  • open - doesn't close the wikitable, allowing one to add other {{PetScan}} links (using Type=plain) in the same box. When used one must manually close the wikitable with |}

Example usage[edit]

The template places a box on the right-hand side of the page, which when clicked upon opens up a page to search on the parameters supplied.

One category, one template
Featured articles containing the template {{citation needed}})
{{PetScan|cat=Featured articles|templates=citation needed|linktext=Featured articles needing citations}}
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Featured articles needing citations

Two categories
Featured articles that are about English-language albums
{{PetScan|cat=Featured articles|cat2 = English-language albums|linktext=Featured articles about English-language albums}}
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Featured articles about English-language albums