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Deletion review for [[:{{{1}}}]][edit]

An editor has asked for a [[Wikipedia:Deletion review#{{{1}}}|deletion review]] of [[:{{{1}}}]]. Because you closed the deletion discussion for this page, speedily deleted it, or otherwise were interested in the page, you might want to participate in the deletion review.

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This template is intended to be used on user talk pages to notify a debate closer (AfD, MfD, IfD, etc.) or a speedy-deleting administrator that the article in question has been put up for deletion review. Please remember to sign it with your full signature (~~~~) and to substitute the template using {{subst:DRVNote}} instead of {{DRVNote}}. You're encouraged to modify the template as appropriate for unique circumstances.

{{subst:DRVNote|ARTICLE_NAME|REVIEW_HEADING (optional)|days=DAYS (optional)|name=NOMINATOR'S NAME}}


  • ARTICLE_NAME is the name of the article you are reviewing.
  • REVIEW_HEADING is the heading of the deletion review if it is different from the name of the article. This parameter is optional.
  • DAYS or DATE is the number of days before today to the log the page is on, |days=1 for yesterday, |days=2 for the day before yesterday, etc. Set to |days=0 if on today's log. This parameter is optional.
  • NOMINATOR'S NAME is the name of the user requesting this review. You should use the first person pronoun "I" if you are the editor requesting the review or the user's name if someone else is. If this parameter is not specified, "An editor" will be used, which may be considered insulting if you are the user making the nomination.

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