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Not for use in articles - use in talk pages and WP: pages only. This template allows entering Spivak pronouns in a way that can still be understood by readers who are not familiar with them. It displays an explanation when the reader hovers over it. It is designed to be still readable in the diff view. Entering uppercase pronouns automatically makes the initial "T" uppercase, too.

Use one of the following:

what to enter what it displays
{{genderneutral|ey}} they
{{genderneutral|Ey}} ThEy
{{genderneutral|eir}} their
{{genderneutral|Eir}} ThEir
{{genderneutral|em}} them
{{genderneutral|Em}} ThEm
{{genderneutral|eirs}} theirs
{{genderneutral|Eirs}} ThEirs
{{genderneutral|emself}} themself
{{genderneutral|Emself}} ThEmself