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Wine region
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An wine region or appellation is a locale which is associated with wines produced there, and may be so identified on wine labels. Infobox wine region may be used to summarise information about a wine region.


Wine region
Official name {{{official name}}}
Other names {{{other names}}}
Type {{{type}}}
Year established {{{year}}}
Years of wine industry {{{wine years}}}
Country {{{country}}}
Part of {{{part of}}}
Other regions in {{{part of}}} {{{similar}}}
Sub-regions {{{sub regions}}}
Location {{{location}}}
Growing season {{{season}}}
Climate region {{{climate region}}}
Heat units {{{heat units}}}
Precipitation (annual average) {{{precipitation}}}
Soil conditions {{{soil}}}
Total area {{{total size}}}
Size of planted vineyards {{{planted}}}
No. of vineyards {{{vineyards}}}
Grapes produced {{{grapes}}}
Varietals produced {{{varietals}}}
No. of wineries {{{wineries}}}
Wine produced {{{wine produced}}}
Official designation(s) {{{designation}}}
Comments {{{comments}}}

This infobox can be added by copying and pasting the template shown below:

Note: Only "name" is required. All other attributes are optional.

{{Infobox wine region
| name           = 
| image          = 
| image_upright  = 
| image_alt      = 
| caption        = 
| official name  = 
| other name     = 
| type           = 
| year           = 
| wine years     = 
| country        = 
| part of        = 
| similar        = 
| sub regions    = 
| season         = 
| climate region = 
| heat units     = 
| precipitation  = 
| soil           = 
| total size     = 
| planted        = 
| vineyards      = 
| grapes         = 
| varietals      = 
| wineries       = 
| wine produced  = 
| designation    = 
| comments       = 
  • name – is the name of the wine region. Don't include links here, as this goes in the caption at the top.
  • image – An image for the region. Given in the form of "example.jpg" (don't specify any size, caption, etc. and don't prefix Image: on it).
  • image_upright – Allows for automatic scaling of the infobox image when necessary. If not specified, the image width will default to |upright=1.13, which is approximately 250px if the default thumbnail size has not been changed at Special:Preferences) The size should not be set to a value that would result in an image width greater than 300px.
  • image_altAlt text for the image. Should be used if an image is specified
  • caption – A caption for the image.
  • official name – is what the region is officially known as.
  • other names – other names for the region.
  • type of appellation; i.e. AVA or AOC, etc.
  • year – year that the region or appellation was established or began producing wine, whichever is later.
  • wine years – approximate years of significant wine production in the region, if known; including prior to the establishment of the wine region.
  • country – the country containing the region (as link)
  • part of – if this region is enclosed in another, it can be listed here (as link). (List smallest enclosing region only).
  • similar – other regions with that given above.
  • sub regions – list sub-regions here.
  • season – approximate growing season.
  • climate region – I-V, according to the Winkler index.
  • heat units – heat units (or degree days) according to the Winkler index. Indicated %°C or %°F.
  • precipitation – Annual precipitation during growing season.
  • soil – Information about soil conditions
  • total size – total size of the region. Please indicate units. in the indicated units
  • planted – total size of vineyards in the region, indicate units.
  • vineyards – total number of vineyards. Include those growing grapes other than V. vinifera
  • grapes – annual production of grapes. Indicate units
  • varietals – principal varietals produced in the region. Don't list them all if there are more than a few.
  • wineries – number of wineries in the region
  • wine produced – total production of wine in the region (including production using grapes imported from elsewhere). Indicate units
  • designation – official designations like Grand cru, if appropriate
  • comments – the year the above data is valid for, try not to mix years.

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